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Algorithm Engineer: n- Data engineer with knowledge of ML nand data science n- Strong understanding of data science concepts nExpertise in data analysis n- Familiar with Rest APIs, ex: Flask, FastAPI, etc. (this is needed to work cross functional) n- Statistics, A/B testing, hypotheses testing, confidence intervals, experiment design, etc. nBig data technologies: Python, Spark nML Frameworks - SVM, LSTM, Transformers(BERT, etc.) n- Cloud platforms: storage, compute, network "As an Architect you are responsible for providing technical leadership to small size/complexity/order-value projects. You are expected have depth of knowledge of specified technological area, which includes knowledge of applicable processes, methodologies, standards, products and frameworks. You would be responsible for defining and documenting architecture, capturing and documenting non-functional (architectural) requirements, preparing estimates and defining technical solutions to proposals (RFPs). You should provide technical leadership to project team to perform design to deployment related activities, provide guidance, perform reviews, prevent and resolve technical issues." Computing-L3