Data Management Coordinator

Full Time

  • No Travel Required

Job Description

Piper Companies is seeking a Data Management Coordinator to join a cutting-edge Robotics and AI-oriented company located in Boston, MA. The Data Management Coordinator will work with various teams to obtain requirements from customers and stakeholders, develop tools for faster data collection, source supporting hardware and tools to perform experiments, and oversee large-scale data collection.

Responsibilities for the Data Management Coordinator include:

• Create long-term roadmaps to increase the size and scalability of data acquisition

• Coordinate and facilitate internal data sourcing efforts which include the management, training, and recruitment of an internal data sourcing group and the tracking, shipment, and collection of any hardware used to aid data sourcing

• Maintain current relationships with vendors and negotiate and propose new relationships with 3 rd party vendors and contractors for data sourcing and labeling

• Coordinate multiple rounds of data sourcing with vendors and ensure a risk-averse strategy to meet the schedule while providing early visibility and warnings on any issues that arise

• Collect, process, and manage a variety of quantitative and qualitative data

Qualifications for the Data Management Coordinator include:

• 2+ years of customer service and database administration experience

• Proficiency in using SQL or related database language for running data queries

• Experience with vendor management, research and testing, and negotiation

• Understanding of machine learning methodology

• Must be a US citizen who is eligible for a Security Clearance

Compensation for the Data Management Coordinator includes:

Salary Range: $65,000 - $75,000 + equity **depending on experience**

Full Benefits: PTO, Paid Holidays, Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k match

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