MS SQL Database Administrator

    • $50 - $60

    • Contract: Independent, W2


    • MS SQL
    • SQL Server
    • data migration
    • SQL
    • MS SQL Server
    • maintain documentation
    • performance tuning
    • data masking

    Job Description

    Role: MS SQL Database Administrator

    Duration: 3 years Contract position

    Location: Chicago, IL (100% onsite)

    Visa: L2 EAD. 


    Looking for 8 plus years experience

    Need Local Consultants or consultants within 40 miles radius



    Install, configure, and upgrade MS SQL Server instances across various environments.

    Design and implement database structures, tables, and schemas to meet application requirements.

    Monitor database performance, identifying and addressing issues related to queries, indexing, and execution plans.

    Optimize database performance through performance tuning, query optimization, and index management.

    Ensure database security by implementing access controls, encryption, and data masking.

    Manage backup and recovery operations to maintain data availability and integrity.

    Plan and execute data migration, replication, and high-availability strategies as needed.

    Collaborate with development teams to understand database requirements and provide support for application deployments.

    Troubleshoot and resolve database-related incidents, working with vendors and technical support as necessary.

    Create and maintain documentation of database configurations, processes, and troubleshooting procedures.