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Job Details

Our client, and nation's leading insures, is seeking an Sr. Videographer/Editor

Location: Remote
Position Type: Contract Role

Guy has been with Client for approximately 4 months. Guy is the Director of Branding and Creative Services. As Guy was joining, one of the Graphic Designers had left the company. This left Guy with a vacancy. He was able to successfully fill that position. Shortly thereafter, another Visual Designer left to accept a fully remote role. On the plus side, MMI was able to place Arianna with the group as a consultant and has been able to fill the gap and pick up the slack very nicely. So, there is some volatility to the group which really comes with the territory for this kind of creative work.

Guy has been speaking with his Auto line of business about Video needs. So, Guy now manages not only the internal talent but also the external talent and helps manage the vendor relationship. Currently, there is a particular video project that Guy wants to add some new, internal talent to. Right now, they have a vendor that is responsible for a lot of their animation explainers. They do a decent job. However, there is another side of this work that Guy needs to build out that includes these video projects around agent education and agent information.

An example of this would be a project that was designated to create several videos to help insurance agents understand the value of social media for their individual businesses and how to get better at social media as in what to do? How to do it? How to understand social media analytics to improve their posts and message to the public. This is a service that Client offers to its agents and brokers; these education pieces provide them with ways to grow their businesses.

So, Client has created this web portal in which they house all these videos onto this portal. They share this out to their agents that in turn can access this information and view a series of 6 videos that include these social media "How top's . Some of these videos are completed already. They were started and completed in a "loosely/goosey kind of way. This was done pretty quickly by their internal team. They are pretty rough. They were done using Canva.

Now, Guy wants to redo these videos and make them more professional. They do not Client want to re-record the voice-overs. They are sufficient. However, they want to get the people off-screen as much as possible. They also want to add some animation that is consistent throughout and branded across the series and finally make these videos a lot more engaging and a lot more interesting. The average length of these videos are at the 2-3 minutes useful limit. Right at that cusp. They would perhaps cut the length a bit and make them more engaging and give them that professional touch and polish.

Currently, they have 6-9 videos in the portal and Guy wants to add more and sort of templatize the whole look and feel so they can continue to consistently produce these higher quality videos.

Skills Ask:
This is a combination of technical skills and creative skills. Someone that can think outside the lines if they were given a script and can create something out of that script.

Guy is looking for someone who is skilled in the use of the Adobe tool set. This will include Adobe Premier and Adobe After Effects. They are the standard professional industry tools for videography and video creation of motion graphics.

As far as the creative side of things, Guy wants someone that is savvy and skilled enough to be able to look at one of Client's videos and realize that the script will remain the same as will the voice-over, but this videographer will then need to come back with perhaps some storyboards, proof-of-concepts or some animatics and will work through that entire process with Guy until they reach a point that exceeds were they are now. Then, to templatize this approach to apply to the other videos.

How Are We Qualifying the Candidates Reels?
Does your candidate have storytelling abilities through motion? Can your person take a script and find the nuggets and the opportunities to create visual motion graphics from that script. For example, if the script said . "9/10 people prefer this product . This would be a perfect opportunity to do a cut screen or a half-screen to animate 9/10, to generate some type of animated info graphic on screen to engage the viewer.

Project Length:
The voice overs are completed. So, they are looking at 2-3 months with the possibility of extensions for additional work perhaps on a project-by-project basis.

2D Animation? 3D?
They focus on 2D animation. Most of their "Explainer videos are about education and information. 2D is the initial skill but Guy would also like this person to have the ability to work as a director of sorts if they are doing remote recordings.

Years of Experience:
This fluctuates. It could be 3-4 years of experience or 8-10 years. It all depends on what they have accomplished.

This is more of a post-Production individual rather than someone doing the initial shoot. In Guy's previous position, during the pandemic, they did a lot of webinars. A lot of talking head thought leadership videos. They had a great vendor that would get on the phone with the end user and talk
them through the process, so they were really delivering great content in a professional manner; rather than just handing someone something to record on your own time with your own phone and send it to us. That just does not work.

Any Complex Sound Editing:
They do work together with music and if there are sound effects Guy wants someone creative so they can make suggestions for those types of things. The voice-over recording is already there. Guy will use the voice overs but then have the Talking Heads at the very beginning to introduce the video and then only at the very end during the outro. Everything else in the middle should be animation.
Guy would like to hire in the next week or so.

Interview Process:
Guy. One and done.

100% Remote

Bill Rate:
$80-$100/per hour