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    Job Description

    Our client is seeking a Business Intelligence Analyst
    ** Full Time Direct Hire (Not A Contract)
    ** You must be in Minneapolis / St. Paul Area


    As part of the Business Intelligence team, the Analyst will be responsible for building automation processes and applications using Microsoft PowerApps , maintaining data workflows for Microsoft Power platform and Azure SQL databases. The work involve working with SQL based data sources, including Azure SQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Report data may also come from sources such as spreadsheets or APIs making the ability to work with and integrate diverse data essential. This position will not be responsible for creating or maintaining ETL processes but may need to have the ability to create basic views, stage data, build queries and stored procedures. This role will be responsible for working with various data objects and should demonstrate an understanding of basic concepts of data integrity and relational data stores. Analyst will work with business units within the organization to provide data and reports to higher level management. Role will include administration of system used by the organization including QuickBooks Time. Good organizational skills are essential for managing a growing report library and properly navigating access to sensitive data. In addition, the Data Analyst will maintain the service request dashboard platforms which will include backend hierarchy and organization chart updates, source data scrubs, aesthetic changes, as well as training and guiding users as part of the delivery of end products.


    • Analyze and extract meaningful data from multiple spreadsheets, combine workbooks and develop essential data set reporting.
    • Review data & reports (completeness of information, correct calculations, and proper execution).
    • Assist analysts in obtaining/collecting all documents/information to complete assigned projects or tasks.
    • Write procedures to document processes used by Business Intelligence staff.
    • Perform data entry relevant to project or task.
    • Interpret data as required by business lines (staffing analysis, business reports, forecasts), analyzing results using statistical techniques, creating clear reports with information displayed in a format useful to individuals without technical experience.
    • Assist in managing ongoing project plans.
    • Assist on projects relating to bank operations data. Partner with operations teams and other departments to implement changes to systems and processes in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of staffing and software.
    • Track data integrity within relational database (RDBMS) structures.
    • Evaluate existing objects for impact of new development.
    • Perform routine maintenance tasks on reporting database.
    • Maintain report library with versioning (using GitHub).
    • Work with database team in preparing Integrity Reviews.
    • Collaborate with business line owners and propose appropriate analytics solutions to address critical business needs.
    • Develop SSIS/ETL packages for SQL development.
    • Manage incoming data pipeline (timing and data integration points).
    • Backend Dashboard Data base Object builds.
    • Source data staging.
    • Build logical relational data stores.
    • Build a solid and holistic understanding of how all the departments of the bank function.
    • Support and contribute to the vision of the Business Intelligence department and work closely with team members and management to implement and support effective solutions.


    • College degree in business or information technology or Data Sciences preferred.
    • Two years of experience in information technology and/or data sciences preferred.
    • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Experience with relational and non-relational database structures preferred.
    • Experience with statistical analysis preferred. Will be conducting practical statistical analysis of data sets.
    • Advance understanding of SSIS/ETL package development for SQL
    • Experience with Business Intelligence software preferred. Will be using Microsoft Power Platform.
    • Superior skill set in the use of the following software applications: Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook.
    • High integrity and ethics.
    • Growth mindset (naturally curious strong learning agility).