ML Ops and DevSecOps Engineer

  • Santa Clara, CA
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On Site
$60 - $70
Contract - W2
Contract - 6 Month(s)



Job Details

Job Description: Senior Engineer -MLOpsand DevSecOps

We're on the lookout for a Senior Engineer with expertise inMLOpsand DevSecOps. The role demands a solid grasp of machine learning operations, DevSecOpspractices, and integrating security within the CI/CD pipeline. Candidates should possess a robust software engineering background, automation skills, and a zeal for enhancing system reliability and security.
Key Responsibilities:

* Develop scalable, reliable MLinfrastructure.
* Automate MLmodel deployment, monitoring, and management.
* Implement data versioning, model training, and experimentation best practices.
* StreamlineMLworkflow in collaboration with engineers.
* Optimize model reproducibility and performance.
* Integrate security into the CI/CD pipeline.
* Perform security audits and vulnerability assessments.
* Manage tools like static code analysis, SAST, and Trivy.
* Enforce security standards with development teams.
* Develop dashboards for pipeline health and security metrics monitoring.
* Design and maintain robust CI/CD pipelines.
* Optimize build processes for efficiency.
* Implement Continuous Build and Test strategies.
* Automate testing, deployment, and monitoring with GitHub Actions.
* Analyze and act on pipeline performance metrics.

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