Sr. Technology Architect


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Azure API Management
API Architecture

Job Details

Role: Sr. Technology Architect

Location: 100% Remote

Leverages technical knowledge and industry experience to design, build and maintain technology solutions. Leads in the development of the most complex new and emerging technologies and selects appropriate platforms, integrates and configures solutions.
Job Responsibilities:
Perform design tasks and develop components of application and technical architecture
Develop test cases and data
Execute tests for the application or technical architecture components, work with other programmers, designers, and architects to meet application requirements and performance goals, participate in code reviews, inform the technical architect and project manager of any issues that may affect any other areas of the project, fix any defects and performance problems discovered in testing, document the application to facilitate maintenance.
Assists with selecting appropriate platforms, integrates and configures solutions.
Develops software components and hardware for new and emerging technology projects; aligns these with business strategies and objectives.
May provide consultation on common issues and best practices for junior staff.
Provides a systematic analysis on client requirements within the traceability framework and resolves any functional problems encountered.
Ensures quality of project deliverables while maintaining compliance with relevant standards and processes.


High School Degree and Bachelors degree (computer science, software engineering, or relevant field) or equivalent work experience required.
6-8 years experience required

1. Design, implement, and manage an API Gateway and architecture using Apigee, with a focus on governance and architecture, ensuring compatibility with financial industry standards and regulatory requirements.
2. Configure and manage service-to-service communication using Apigee as a Layer 7-aware proxy, including advanced traffic management features such as routing, load balancing, and resiliency patterns like circuit breaking and retries.
3. Enforce security policies and secure communication between services using mTLS and Apigee s security policy enforcement capabilities, while adhering to financial sector security standards.
4. Monitor and analyze API metrics, logs, and traces to improve observability, identify performance bottlenecks, and troubleshoot issues effectively.
5. Collaborate with development, architecture, and operations teams to integrate applications seamlessly into the API Eco-system, with a focus on Apigee and Azure API Management platforms.
6. Stay current with the latest service mesh technologies, best practices, and community developments to drive continuous improvement of the service mesh infrastructure.

1. Proficiency in API architecture, and applications like Google Apigee, IBM Datapower, or MSFT APIM.
2. Strong communication and collaboration skills to work with cross-functional teams, with a focus on open-source community collaboration.
3. Ability to analyze and optimize system performance, security, and reliability, with a focus on meeting the stringent requirements of the financial domain.
4. Experience with monitoring, logging, and tracing tools to improve observability
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