Senior SQL Developer / Downey, CA, (Onsite),12+ Months Contract


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Software Quality Assurance
Software design
IT architecture
Systems architecture
Software architecture
Information security
Information assurance
Operating systems
Business requirements
Performance tuning
Systems engineering
Software development
Development testing
Database administration
Data structure
Data modeling
Data warehouse
Query optimization
Data manipulation
Microsoft SQL Server
SQL Azure
Stored procedures
Shell scripting
Microsoft Power BI
Crystal Reports
Version control
Data processing
Data integrity
IT management
Computer science
Computer hardware
IBM Cognos
Analytical skill

Job Details

Job Description

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Location - Downey, CA, 90242

Position Description
  • A Senior Programmer is responsible for leading and/or working on the most complex IT applications design, documentation, development, modification, testing, installation, implementation and support of new or existing applications software.
  • This classification may also plan, install, configure, test, implement and manage a systems environment in support of an organization's IT architecture and business needs.
  • Common organizational or functional industry position titles for programmers include but are not limited to programmer analyst, applications developer, software engineer, software developer, software quality assurance specialist, systems programmer, systems software programmer, database administrators, computer systems analysts, systems engineer, systems software engineer.
  • The Senior Programmer, in development of applications software, is responsible for analyzing and refining systems requirements; translating systems requirements into applications prototypes;
  • planning and designing systems architecture; writing, debugging and maintaining code; determining and designing applications architecture;
  • determining output media/formats; designing user interfaces; working with customers to test applications; assuring software and systems quality and functionality; integrating hardware and software components;
  • writing and maintaining program documentation; evaluating new applications software technologies; and/or ensuring the rigorous application of information security/information assurance policies, principles and practices to the delivery of application software services.
  • The Senior Programmer, in development of operating systems, is responsible for analyzing systems requirements in response to business requirements, risks and costs; evaluating, selecting, verifying and validating the systems software environment; evaluating, selecting and installing compilers, assemblers and utilities; integrating hardware and software components within the systems environment;
  • monitoring and fine-tuning performance of the systems environment; evaluating new systems engineering technologies and their effect on the operating environment; and/or ensuring that information security/information assurance policies, principles and practices are an integral element of the operating environment.

Skills Required
The Senior Programmer will possess knowledge and experience in applications software development principles and methods sufficient to participate in the design, development, testing and implementation of new or modified applications software; operating systems installation and configuration procedures; organization's operational environment; software design principles, methods and approaches;
principles, methods and procedures for designing, developing, optimizing and integrating new and/or reusable systems components; pertinent government regulations; infrastructure requirements, such as bandwidth and server sizing; database management principles and methodologies, including data structures, data modeling, data warehousing and transaction processing;
functionality and operability of the current operating environment; systems engineering concepts and factors such as structured design, supportability, survivability, reliability, scalability and maintainability;
optimization concepts and methods; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of the work; and speak and write effectively and prepare effective reports

Skills Preferred

1. Possess advanced knowledge of SQL, encompassing intricate query optimization techniques, nuanced data manipulation strategies, and a keen ability for fine-tuning database performance. Proficiency extends to crafting queries that operate efficiently even with large datasets, ensuring optimal processing times and minimal resource usage.
2. Demonstrate expertise in working with diverse and popular database management systems such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and Azure SQL. Proficiency includes database administration, schema design, and the seamless execution of operations across various platforms, showcasing adaptability and proficiency in different environments.
3. Exhibit a strong understanding and extensive experience in Oracle PL/SQL programming. This expertise encompasses the development and optimization of intricate stored procedures, triggers, and functions. Proficiency in PL/SQL ensures the seamless execution of complex tasks, enhancing database functionality and performance.
4. Showcase the ability to design efficient data models that facilitate optimal storage and retrieval of information. Proficiency in creating robust data structures ensures streamlined access to relevant data, enhancing overall database efficiency and reducing query complexity.
5. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes and tools and scripting languages like Python, Perl, or Shell scripting for automating and data manipulation. Proficiency in integrating data from diverse sources into the database showcases the ability to harmonize disparate datasets, ensuring data consistency, accuracy, and reliability.
6. Exhibit a strong ability to optimize both database queries and underlying structures. Proficiency in query optimization techniques and structural refinements enhances database performance and responsiveness. Skills in identifying and rectifying bottlenecks contribute to streamlined operations.
7. Possess knowledge of data warehousing concepts and tools, enabling effective management of vast volumes of data. Expertise in data warehousing ensures efficient storage, retrieval, and analysis of large datasets, supporting the organization's data-driven decision-making processes.
8. Display proficiency with sophisticated reporting tools like Tableau, Power BI, Cognos, and Crystal Reports. Ability includes crafting insightful visualizations and reports that translate raw data into valuable, actionable insights.
9. Demonstrate proficiency in utilizing version control systems like Git to effectively manage and track changes in database scripts and queries. Expertise in version control ensures systematic tracking of modifications, enabling collaboration, maintaining code integrity, and facilitating seamless integration of changes into the database systems.

Experience Required
This classification must have a minimum of seven (7) years of experience in electronic data processing systems study, design, and programming. At least four (4) years of that experience must have been in a lead capacity.

Experience Preferred
1) 4 years of experience in the past 7 years writing complex SQL queries, optimizing database performance, and ensuring data integrity across various database management systems, including Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and Azure SQL.
2) 3 years of experience in the past 4 years working with advanced skills in Oracle PL/SQL or similar procedural languages, adept at developing efficient stored procedures, triggers, and functions for seamless database operations.
3) 3 years of experience in the past 4 years working with designing and optimizing database schemas, ensuring scalability, data normalization, and efficient indexing for high-performance transactional systems.
4) 3 years of experience in the past 4 years working with developing intricate reports and visualizations using tools such as Cognos, Power BI, or Crystal Reports, transforming raw data into meaningful insights for diverse stakeholders.
5) 3 years of experience in the past 4 years working with Implementing robust ETL processes, integrating data from diverse sources into data warehouses flawlessly, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and reliability of data for analytical purposes.
6) 3 years of experience in the past 4 years working with Providing technical leadership to junior developers, conduct thorough code reviews, offer mentorship, and foster a collaborative environment within the team.
7) 2 years of experience in the past 4 years working with communicating complex technical concepts clearly to both technical and non-technical stakeholders, ensuring a shared understanding of database solutions and their alignment with business objectives.
8) 3 years of experience in the past 4 years working with complex database issues, debugging code, and optimizing queries for peak performance.
9) 2 years of experience in the past 4 years maintaining comprehensive documentation of database schemas, stored procedures, and ETL processes, ensuring knowledge accessibility and smooth transfer within the team

Education Required
This classification requires the possession of a bachelor's degree in an IT-related or Engineering field. Additional qualifying experience may be substituted for the required education on a year-for-year basis.

Education Preferred
A bachelor's or master's degree in computer science.