Full Stack Developer

Contract: W2

  • No Travel Required

Job Description


Based in Atlanta, Waltham or Dallas offices as part of our ClienTech practice.
You will work directly with long time hired engineers from external agencies and a few client engineers mostly across Europe (Czech republic, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain, UK and Ukraine) and some in the US. Those are the team for building the Core of Platform client responsible for development, SRE, QA, product management and UX. You will also have less frequent exposure to other stakeholders that are responsible for different parts of the Platform client ecosystem like integrated solutions, security, internal IT and cloud native team.
You will help build the core of an advanced self-serviced system called Platform client which is a central place for consultants, analysts and client users for requesting and instantiating cloud & SWE resources.
In this role, you will produce high quality code for the full technological stack, from database to UI and everything in between. Additionally, you will assist with troubleshooting issues and improving application performance by responding to specific problems and fixing defects. You will document and demonstrate solutions with a focus on security and performance by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear code. Furthermore, you will actively participate in SCRUM and Agile software processes.
You'll leverage your technical skills by applying them towards the validation of product quality and writing test code including unit tests and automated test cases. You will also keep up with industry trends and innovations and apply knowledge to the existing codebase.

  • 5+ years of professional experience with software development
  • Proficient in Javascript/Typescript
  • Experience with writing tests; experience with Jest and Cucumber is a plus
  • Experience with frontend development using SPA; experience with React is a big plus
  • Experience with backend development using Node.js;
  • Good understanding of SQL and No-SQL DB systems
  • Good understanding of cloud native tools and cloud providers; understanding of AWS. K8S, Helm is a big plus
.Undergraduate degree in Computer Science

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