Mainframe Systems Programmer/Mainframe Database Administrator (DBA)


$60 - $75
Contract - W2
Contract - 6 Month(s)


Bourne shellKnowledgeable
Database Administrator
Mainframe Systems
Microsoft SQL
SQL Server
database architecture
database design
database management
database management systems
data integration
data modeling

Job Details

Job Description:

  • A Mainframe Systems Programmer/DBA is responsible for leading and/or supporting the most complex database upgrade projects, modification, installation, testing, implementation, maintenance and enhancements of new or existing system software products.
  • This classification must plan, install, configure, test, implement and manage core database products, software products in support of the County s database architecture and business needs. Special organizational or functional industry position titles for Systems Programmer/DBA include, but are not limited to, DB2 Systems Programmer/DBA, IMS Systems Programmer/DBA and ADABAS/NATURAL Systems Programmer/DBA.

Skills Required:

  • The Mainframe Systems Programmer/DBA for Legacy Systems manages different types of databases, such as hierarchical (IMS), relational (DB2), and file-based (ADABAS), and is responsible for planning and upgrading the database environments on a County-established basis.
  • Verifying the health of all the databases; database administration technical consulting for application and operations teams for the purpose of project planning/development; maintenance on production database systems
  • Performance of technical reviews for existing systems that utilize one of the following database management systems (DBMS): ADABAS, DB2 or IMS; performance of evaluations for the purposes of selecting new or fine-tuning existing DBMS software; consultation with project development teams to provide recommendations on database design.
  • Development of logical and physical database designs; creation of overviews of logical database designs; creation of physical databases; database capacity planning.
  • Development and use of backup and recovery procedures for databases; database performance monitoring; database space monitoring; database reorganizations; database replication; database compression and database partitioning. The following technology skill sets are required to perform in this classification. IBM: Z/OS, IMS, DB2, ADABAS, SMP/E, JCL, IMS DB/DC, CICS, ACF2, ASSEMBLER/COBOL/REXX, IBM FILE MANAGER, DELTA/IMS, NATURAL/ SUPERNAT, ENTIREX, CA SPOOL, IMS & DB2 BMC Tools, N20/TRIM.

Skills Preferred

  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Extensive expertise in one or multiple database management systems (DBMS) such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB, encompassing tasks such as installation, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of these systems.
  • Robust abilities in database design and data modeling, encompassing tasks such as crafting efficient database schemas, establishing relationships between tables, maintaining data integrity, and enhancing database structures for optimal performance.
  • Comprehensive grasp of backup and recovery strategies to formulate backup plans, schedule backup procedures, validate restore processes through testing, and execute disaster recovery plans.
  • Skilled in monitoring and enhancing database performance by addressing performance bottlenecks, fine-tuning SQL queries, adjusting database parameters, deploying indexing strategies, and analyzing database statistics.
  • Proficient in one more Unix scripting language i.e., Bash, C, KornShell, Bourne shell
  • Knowledgeable about data integration tools like Actian/Pentaho

Experience Required

  • This classification must have a minimum of seven (7) years of experience as a Systems Programming/ DBA, with at least three (3) years of that experience in a lead role.

Experience Preferred

  • Two years of practical experience employing Debezium

Education Required

  • This classification requires the possession of a bachelor s degree in an IT-related or engineering field.


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