GoLang Developer


  • TypeScript
  • Customer intelligence
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • Cloud computing
  • Puppet
  • fetch
  • Golang
  • Python
  • Apache Kafka
  • JIRA

Job Description

LOCATION IS HYBRID, twice a week in office. Will do remote candidates as well

Locations are below

Sunnyvale, CA

Hoboken, NJ

Bentonville, AR

Job Description:

- Building a Policy engine. They notice a pattern of production issues, connectivity problems, set up problems, consistent and common within repositories. Typically revolving around having to set up database or clusters.
- They want to catch this before these incidents happen. Application set to scan a bunch of deployments and point out where problems will arise, due to the way they were set up initially. They catch it and then give a jira ticket to the development.
- Read values of kafka and cosmos needs, and match it up.
- From scratch development , components are not ready. No new development because there is already something like this need it to adhere it to the new team.
- Scanning finding the problem, then putting in the jira ticket , and peacing out after that. 10 percent support, bug is not good
- Code will query of elastic search clusters, the code will then query another elastic search cluster for configuration, Create an api for dns, then a database query. Agnostic search api, goes all over the place, best way for consuming data, each instance is different. Need to have design experience. Code base has to have framework .
- Framework development, Designing how a module , adding modules that fetch data

Req. Skills
- Go development language
- Hits a bunch of different services at Walmart
- Design experience, how things connect
- Concurrency patterns
- Mute plugins
- API Development
- Monitoring Tools- PROmetheus

Pref. Skills
- integration of different sources
- Bigquery
- Python
- Typescript
- Devops Tools- docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, ci/cd, ansible, chef, puppet, salt
Cloud development

Sachin Agarwal