.NET Lead Developer

$100,000 - $140,000

Full Time

  • Work from home
  • No Travel Required


.NET Frameworks such as .NET 3.1 and .NET 6Azure Functions and App Services

Job Description

.NET Lead Developer

Atlanta, GA / Dallas, TX / Albany, NY.

A total of 9+ years of experience showing career progression from Software Engineer to the Lead level position.
At least 6 years of experience as a Tech Lead focusing on building APIs and integration layer.
5 years or more experience building REST Based API using .NET Web API
At least 3 years of experience with the latest .NET Frameworks such as .NET 3.1 and .NET 6.
Experience in using the design patterns in the system and Solid principles
Developing and deployment of various Azure Functions and App Services
At least recent 3 years of experience building applications using Azure Platform
Hands-On experience in building Microservices using Azure Cloud Services such as Azure SQL, Azure Storage, Azure Cosmos, Azure Redis or Azure Event Hub.
Experience in Azure Service Bus and Event Grids
Experience with NuGet dependency management for building microservices.
Hands on experience in developing xUnit or NUnit test cases with mocking frameworks such as Moq and AutoFac or NSubstitute, and experience is using Fluent validation
Understanding Azure API Gateway and Azure APIM
Knowledge on creating the policies on APIM
Experience is creating resources using ARM templates
Understanding on deploying microservices in the Azure Environments.
Understanding on building highly available applications using Azure Fabrics or AKS
At least 2 years of experience with SSO integration with REST Based API with major IAM provider such as ForgeRock, Ping Identity or Okta
Understanding of Auth Token consumption such as OAUTH, SAML, or JWT Token
Experience is Azure DevOps, such as building the pipeline and releases