Data Center Technician


On Site
$28 - $32
Contract - W2
Contract - 6 Month(s)


Ad Hoc reporting
Install software
Move equipment
enter data
maintain documentation
packing material

Job Details

Job Description:

  • We are looking for a highly skilled Data Center Technician who has extensive hands-on expertise in performing an annual inventory of all packages stored onsite and complete true up to receiving tracking database and also can perform shipping/receiving functions including, but not limited to: receipt and shipping at facility loading dock or other facility entrance, packing/unpacking of materials, movement of materials and equipment to/from data floor or storage location, track and enter data related to all packages and shipments received and shipped from the facility in the designated tools.


  • Perform escorting of client and non- client technology personnel, vendors, and customers within all secured spaces and data center white spaces per client security policies.
  • Provide technical oversight of activities performed during escorting activities to ensure that all technical components are performed in accordance with the approved Change or Incident record.
  • Interface with requestors via phone call, instant messaging, email, and other interface tools.
  • Join and participate in technical change reviews and incident troubleshooting calls as well as web sessions between delivery teams and customers.
  • Communicate in English both written and verbal.
  • Provide escalation and ongoing communication to Leadership and Site Leads per the notification path provided by for incidents and outages causing significant impact customers, or the data center.
  • Provide escalation and ongoing communication to Leadership and Site Leads per the notification path provided by for any failed or missed changes, and/or incidents that are a result of actions taken or lack of actions taken by the supplier personnel.
  • Review, approve, and execute site access requests according to processes and procedures.
  • Interface with supplementary service providers, Vendors, and Telco providers
  • Perform vetting processes of visitors in accordance to Security policies.
  • Create and maintain documentation related to site specific activities performed including processes and procedures.
  • Provide Ad Hoc reporting as needed.
  • Support current and future projects related to new tools, processes and procedures implemented.
  • Maintain a daily turnover log of all interactions and work completed.
  • Track all work being always performed in the secured spaces.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Perform physical inspection and collection of information related to IT equipment within the data center white spaces, storage rooms, loading docks, and other locations onsite in the facilities as documented within this SOW.
  • Affix provided barcode and other tags to all devices and items located within the data center.
  • Perform scheduled periodic/random scans and inventory of equipment per supplied lists from inventory tool.
  • Ensure every device, item, and storage items are physically validated and verified every 12 months.
  • Collect information related to all equipment onsite for entry into database, including but not limited to: Device manufacturer, make, model, , serial number, device name, floor location, power information, power strips, RU location, cable information, billing codes, etc.
  • Enter information related to devices, materials, and cables into database, in accordance with standards.
  • Ensure accuracy of all data collected, entered, and stored within provided tools.
  • Complete monthly audits as initiated by the tool and mark updates within the tool.
  • Support and participate in SOXA and Asset Inventory
  • Perform physical validation of and assets onsite at the data center when requested.
  • Execute queries and provide inventory extracts from tools when requested.


  • High School Diploma, Associates, Bachelor s education or equivalent
  • 4-5+ years experience preferred


  • Physical power down of equipment in accordance with 4-eyes process.
  • Install and remove cabinets and racks in the data center.
  • Perform activities to ground cabinets according to site processes.
  • Dispose of all packing material and waste appropriately.
  • Act as the POC and approve/coordinate tickets to add or remove equipment from the data center.
  • Move equipment, racks, devices, and materials between physical locations in the same building.
  • Install software CDs and DVDs.
  • Install, connect, and/or move USB devices.
  • Visual inspection of devices as requested.
  • Serial number validation.
  • Device Inventory capabilities and physical comparison to inventory lists.
  • Power on/power off devices in accordance with 4-Eyes process.
  • Relay LCD readouts.
  • Reset Remote Management connection ID s and Passwords.
  • Reseat cables in accordance with CLIENT 4Eyes process.
  • General Troubleshooting and visual verification to assist remote troubleshooting efforts.
  • Test and troubleshoot problems.
  • Check power connections.
  • Provide feedback on console display (e.g. stop errors, blue screen, etc.)
  • Assist with disaster recovery activities in the event of a complete system failure.
  • Assist with recovery of data center and equipment related to planned and unplanned power interruptions.
  • Identify and report audible errors and system failures.
  • Install and connect crash cart and/or other KVM device.
  • Attend conference calls for troubleshooting and recovery of client environments related to a reported client impacting incident.


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