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Job Details

Tier 2 Software Customer Success Specialist, SQL Experience Required, Phoenix, AZ

The Tier 2 Software Customer Success Specialist will respond to higher level Customer Support Solutions Center tickets to support customer end users as well as troubleshooting and addressing Tier II requests on a daily basis. This position is Onsite with possible Hybrid.

Tier 2 Software Customer Success Specialist Responsibilities:

- You will be working on a ticketing system to triage software issues that come up with our proprietary software.

- Streamline business operations by modifying and creating new processes and procedures.

- Develop support and training tools that increase software usability.

- Resolve incidents posted in the Solution Center.

- Continually and proactively work toward improving the implementation experience for customers, colleagues and company.

- The Tier II staff will be required to be on Zoom calls with customers to troubleshoot complex problems with EHR Software.

- You will need to be able to determine if the issue is computer, network, software or browser related.

- Work on data analytics for customer dashboards.

- Regression tests the software environment through both manual and automated testing procedures.

- Work with our development team both in the U.S. and internationally.

- Train and support the Tier 1 Support team on processes, tickets and customer service.

- Second level support for more complex customer requests.

- Focus on providing full resolution on first encounter.

- Be comfortable with a performance-based metric style environment.

- Stay up to date on new products and services.

- Collaborate with leadership, business development and product development teams regarding customer trends.

- Engage with leadership on a regular basis to recommend advanced solutions to reduce the number of customer submissions based on current trends.

- Have an understanding of troubleshooting complex tasks.

Tier 2 Software Customer Success Specialist Qualifications:

- Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, Management Information Systems, Information Technology, Systems Administration is preferred.

- 3-5 years in a customer support role (Technical or Customer Service Support).

- Experience with SQL is required.

- Knowledge of IT functional areas and responsibilities.

- Valid Arizona driver s license, satisfactory driving record and reliable transportation.

- Excellent working knowledge of tech applications and testing protocols, including Microsoft Teams or Slack, Infinity, Ticketing systems such as Jira, Zoho, Salesforce, Spreadsheets, Development software such as DevOps or Bug Tracker, Microsoft Flow, Testing software such as Cypress, Ranorex or Selenium.

- 1-3 years of experience with Electronic Health Records are plus.

- Some travel required.

- Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

- Critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

- Attention to detail, deadlines and a desire to get it done .

- Experience with performance-based metrics system.

- Be knowledgeable in Solution Center case management systems.

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