Java Developer

Depends on Experience

Full Time


    Java J2EE Angular

    Job Description

    Java Developer or a Java Fullstack Developer



    Needs to know their resume

    Note: Mainly looking on OPT, CPT, EAD

    Job Description:

    Vast majority of work is creating workflow systems, ticketing systems. It’s pretty simple: you got to the bank and request a loan, fill out some papers, etc. But then on the backend it has to go through a bunch of steps to make it happen.

    It used to be that this application would go around from team to team to team, we would do KYC here, audit here. Problem is we lose visibility this way, it’s manual and it takes too long.

    What we are going to do instead is take loan, digitalize it, extract info off of it, and then we are going to process it step by step.

    Can be any workflow starting from mortgage, bill dispute, etc.

    Basically creating web apps, nothing too crazy.