Senior Full-Stack Engineer (Remote)

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GraphQLReactJSNodeJSCSSCQRSscalabilityAPI Integrations

Job Description

Who We Are

The healthcare ecosystem is held together by a tangled web of disjointed data, contributing to manual processes that fail to move surgeries and patients forward. BluByrd streamlines data exchange between Clinical Practices and Medical Facilities, providing a suite of robust tools and integrations that allow teams to communicate cross-functionally and get surgical cases across the finish line.

And, we’re just getting started. We’ve launched an early version of our product, are closing a Seed round, have brought on some exceptional team members, and are in the process of taking our brand and product to the next level.

About The Role

We are looking for a Senior Full-Stack Developer to join as one of our first few hires.

As a BluByrd Developer, you will be instrumental in helping build the foundations of our UI, API, and Persistence layers. As well as helping to set a new standard for Healthcare Technology interoperability. Ongoing responsibilities for the role include:

  • Designing and building reusable React components within BluByrd’s component library
  • Building APIs, we build our APIs using Apollo GraphQL Federation
  • Helping to establish coding standards that lay the foundations for how BluByrd builds software
  • Participating in the the design and implementation of unit and integration testing automation standards
  • Working closely with other engineers and product owners to foster collaborative, feature-driven functionality that solve real-work problems
  • Understanding upcoming feature requests, documenting technical considerations, and helping to provide work estimations for product roadmap curation
  • Fostering an open-minded, cross-functional, best idea wins team environment
  • Taking ownership over the changeability and scalability of the software you’re responsible for writing
  • Reviewing code for both BluByrd internal development team members as well as code written by offshore partners
  • Periodically proving product support by investigating, scoping, and addressing bugs and other high-priority items

About You

These are not requirements but describe someone who might be a great fit in this role.

  • 3+ years of experience with ReactJS and 1+ years of Typescript over React experience. Ideally with a strong background in component design and shareability.
  • 4+ years of CSS experience and hands-on experience with the Styled Components library.
  • 1+ years of hands-on GraphQL experience, whether designing data graphs or development APIS.
  • 3+ years of NodeJS development experience at a fast-growing company, ideally working on a SaaS or B2B healthcare product.
  • Feature and business process centric, helping to design and build software where the top priority is an architecture and data model that supports how our customers need their problems solved, and less about forcing features based on how the engineers would like the data to be modeled.
  • Builds software that can be changed instead of trying to build software that’s future proof. The only constant in this world is change, and that’s never more important than with early stage products.
  • Experience with Event-Driven, Domain-Driven Design, and CQRS is ideal and preferred.
  • Hands-on experience with Eventstore is a big plus, but any experience with event-driven architectures is great.
  • 5+ years working with relational databases, and experience with PSQL is ideal. Our technology stack may differ from service to service based on need so a breadth of persistence layer experience is a big plus.
  • Positive mindset, this may sound hokey, but a fast-paced growing software company is stressful enough. Trust and support throughout the team can be the difference between success and failure.

Interview process

We see the interview process as a two-way street, so our approach is designed for you to learn about us as much as it is for us to get to know you. We want to learn about your personal and professional goals, determine how to craft a long-term role that you're excited about, and give you insight into what it's like to work with us.

1. Meet us and learn about BluByrd

You'll first meet Nathan Gudritz, our Chief Technology Officer, over video for a get-to-know-you chat. In this conversation, you'll learn more about BluByrd and have a chance to ask any questions about our company, team culture, product, and technology. The goal of this conversation is to get to know you, share more information about us, and see if there might be a good mutual fit. There's no need to prepare anything in advance.

2. Deeper technical dive

If we're both excited to continue, the next step will be a conversation with Lukus (Head of Frontend Development) and Kristi (Head of DevOps & Infrastructure) over video to talk more in-depth about your work experience and how you collaborate with other teams. We'll talk about major projects you've led, how you think through problems, and how you drive work forward. You won't need to prepare anything in advance.

3. Get to know the leadership team

Since we're a small, growing tight-knit team, this role will also work closely and regularly with everyone within BluByrd, so we feel it’s important that you get a chance to meet our Founder, Dr Timothy Davis, and VP of Operations, Stephanie Jones

4. Reference conversations

We will talk to a few people you've worked with. By this point, we're excited to work with you and are mainly focused on learning how to effectively work with you and set you up for success.

Why ‘BluByrd’?

A “Bluebird Day” is a skiing term, used to describe a period of time characterized by sunny, cloudless weather, typically after a night of snowfall.

Existing manual processes are tedious and frustrating for those on the ground coordinating critical patient surgeries—schedulers, MAs, and back office staff. BluByrd offers an alternative, giving them the tools to do their job effectively and effortlessly.


Share our vision for a healthcare system with fewer inefficiencies and better patient care? Interested in contributing your exceptional software engineering skills? Please send your resume and a brief cover letter to . If it feels like a good fit, we’ll reach out within 24 hours to set up some time to chat and discuss things further.

At this time, we can only accept US-based applicants.