Cyber Security Technical Systems Engineer

$80,000 - $100,000

Full Time

  • Work from home
  • 10% Travel


  • Cyber Security
  • Systems Engineer

Job Description

Detect (DE)

  • Anomalies and Events

  • Security Continuous Monitoring

  • Detection Processes

  • Vulnerability Management

Help in the detection of any anomaly or cyber event...

Help to the SOC team in the cyber monitoring...

Perform verification to detect cyber issues...

Coordinate the system scan and enforce the solution of a vulnerability...

Respond (RS)

• Analysis
• Improvements
• Mitigation
• Response Planning

Help in the analysis of any cybersecurity events

Aid to improve the cyber process to response any threat

Help in the development process to mitigate a risk

Help in the elaboration and/or improve the cyber response plan

Recover (RC)

• Improvements
• Recovery Plan

Aid to improve the recovery plan/process

Help in the elaboration and/or improve recovery plan


• Bachelor’s degree in computer science,

• More than 2 years of experience in cybersecurity,

 • English speaker

• Spanish will be a +

• Good communication skill,

• Teamwork,

• Good Planning and Organizing