Jira Admin

$60 - $70

Contract: W2, 24 Month(s)


    • JIRA Admin
    • Large Brokerage
    • Agile
    • SCRUM
    • kanban
    • commercial Bank

    Job Description

    • MUST HAVE a minimum 6 years of experience working for American Companies
    • MUST HAVE 2+ years of 'Recent' experience working in a commercial ‘Bank or Large Brokerage’ environment.
    • Must have uptodate / recent 'Atlassian Certification' in JIRA Project Administration. This is a Must have!!!
    • Must have 4 years of Recent experience working as a JIRA Admin.
    • Must have experience on the Administrator/Power User level of Atlassian products (specifically JIRA) in a mid-to-large-sized company.
    • Must have experience with Design, configure, manage, and support of Atlassian tools, primarily JIRA
    • Must have experience troubleshooting the Atlassian software stack or LAMP.
    • Experience designing and supporting custom JIRA workflows, fields, dashboards, and reports.
    • Experience with business users to evaluate JIRA and Confluence plug-ins, determine licensing needs, and perform testing, installation and configuration of the plug-ins.
    • Experience customizing JIRA.
    • Excellent customer service and teamwork skills
    • Experience with JIRA workflows, permissions schemes, notification schemes, screen schemes, etc.
    • Experience with cloud platforms, environments, and APIs
    • Experience with Agile Methodologies (SCRUM, Kanban)
    • Experience with Apache httpd and Tomcat
    • Experience with at least one of the following languages: Java, JavaScript, or Python
    • Previous interaction with Git, Subversion, etc.
    • Jenkins, Hudson, Puppet, or other build automation experience
    • Exerience with software issue tracking
    • Must have Tech support/customer service experience.
    • Excellent communication skills

    The Job:

    • The consultants hired will be part of a team at Client that will provide much-needed support to our IT department by acting as the Certified JIRA whisperer.
    • Many different departments here are moving to and using JIRA in some way or another.
    • The consultant will work with them to ensure it continues to go smoothly.
    • Collaborate on building projects and workflows for all kinds of uses.
    • Client is currently in a period of immense change – and JIRA happens to be a critical facet.
    • The ways we use JIRA happen to be new and interesting, too; there is room to be creative in this role