Senior Integration/Test Engineer MQ-9



Job Description


Credence Management Solutions is seeking a Senior Integration/Test Engineer to support the MQ-9 for the National Guard Bureau (NGB) at WPAFB.


  • Provide support for systems integration engineering milestones and associated documentation in support of each mission design series (MDS) modification program. This includes reviewing contractor-provided integration program CDRLs to assist the Government in their review of documentation provided by contractors and assisting in the development of organic data for the following systems engineering milestones: System Requirements Review (SRR), System Design Review (SDR), Preliminary Design Review (PDR), Critical Design Review (CDR), Test Readiness Review (TRR), and engineering design audits such as Functional Configuration Audit (FCA) and Physical Configuration Audit (PCA) respective to the needs of each modification program.
  • Provide avionics, mechanical, maintenance and structural integration engineering support for the integration of new capabilities respective to existing legacy aircraft systems and capabilities, assist with identification of integration issues between modifications and existing systems, and advise on potential solutions.
  • Assist with the review of aircraft installation drawings in support of temporary modifications.
  • Assist with the review of technical data packages and identify issues with the product drawings.
  • Assist with translation of Government operational requirements into draft systems requirements documents based on customer requirements and Contractor analysis for assigned modification programs.
  • Assist the Government in assembling required documentation for each acquisition milestone or review starting with the SRR.
  • Assist with integrated logistics support development for MDS avionics, mechanical, and structural modifications, and shall assist the Government in preparing drafting and briefing an integrated logistics support plan for each modification, training curriculum and training documentation, supporting Government engineering FCAs and PCAs for each modification, supporting trial vehicle installations, kit proofs, training field teams, and manufacturing reviews for each modification.
  • Assist with identification of logistics support required as a result of each aircraft modification and advise on potential solutions.
  • Support the Government's technical order development process to include verification, validation, Airworthiness, training and fielding, time compliance technical order development and validation, and flight manual development process.
  • Provide systems engineering support for MDS avionics, mechanical, and structural modifications.
  • Systems engineering tasks shall include but not be limited to:
    • identifying engineering milestone entry and exit criteria for Government approval of program transitions from one phase to the next;
    • assisting the Government in drafting system engineering plans in support of avionics, mechanical, and structural modifications, software development plans, configuration management plans, and risk management plans;
    • providing data for risk assessments on aircraft modification programs.
  • Provide program test support and coordination for aircraft ground and flight test.
  • Assist the Government with the build of test and evaluation master plans, ground test plans, flight test plans, environmental test plans, qualification test plans, and acceptance test plans.
  • Support cockpit steering working groups, interface control working groups, technical review boards, and safety review boards.
  • Program coordination tasks shall include but not be limited to: coordinating all requirements between aircraft modification programs to include ground test requirements, flight test requirements, test assets, and any other potential resources; briefing and/or preparing briefings on modification program test status to the NGB as requested; assisting in identifying and developing test core documentation for modification programs, and; execution oversight for associated program test documents.
  • Assist the Government with planning, design, conducting, documenting, and reporting on force development evaluation (FDE), operational utility evaluation (OUE), operational assessment (OA), operational test and evaluation (OT&E), development test and evaluation (DT&E), and other tests as directed.
  • Assist with development and publishing of test plans, test schedules and test procedures.
  • Participate in test planning working groups, test plan and test readiness reviews, and interface with test article design and analysis function representatives to help the Government develop test and test data requirements and collection methods.
  • Assist in the creation, coordination and approval of test cards among cognizant agencies.
  • Assist with conducting post-test data evaluation and problem identification and resolution utilizing relevant test, aircraft, or maintenance experience.
  • Assist with conducting research, budget planning and analyses, and draft test project outlines, concept review briefings, and electronic project orders.
  • Assist with identification and development of critical operational issues, objectives, and measures of effectiveness from review or knowledge of user requirement documents and operational employment considerations (tactics, techniques, and procedures).
  • Assist in the design, publication, and storage of detailed test information and provide detailed input in the preparation of data and drawings to submit with AF Forms 1067 for aircraft modifications.
  • Assist with development and execution of test required safety readiness and test readiness review presentations, and operational risk management assessments.
  • Provide assistance to compile, reduce, and analyze test data from on-board and ground-based sensors, to include statistical analysis of quantitative data such as bomb scores and target location errors.


  • Clearance: Top Secret/SCI
  • Master's degree and ten (10) years of relevant experience or
  • Bachelor's degree and eighteen (18) years of relevant experience or
  • Twenty-two (22) years of relevant experience
  • Thorough knowledge of the DoD/ USAF test process and test facilities to assist the Air National Guard in the successful execution of assigned tests
  • Assistance includes but is not limited to:
    • identification, coordination and scheduling of appropriate military or civilian test facilities (e.g. ranges, system integration labs) with the cognizant company, Subcontractor, or Government agency
  • Expertise to advise on test article configurations and coordinate the integration of test modifications with U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) engineering personnel and multiple AFLCMC program offices.
  • Familiarity with all forms of test IT networks, hardware and software and assist in the management of those test IT systems
  • Familiarity with pre- and post-mission detailed test documentation, electronic and print, and shall assist in all phases of the test data collection process to include pre-mission flight preparation of all mission materials; data collection during pre-flight briefings, during test execution and post-flight de-briefs, including collection and analysis of information from airborne recorders, and removable memory modules/cartridges to aircrews to verify test point accomplishment