Agile Technical Project Manager

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    Agile Technical Project Manager

    Job Requirements:

    We are looking for Remote Start, Core Services and Geo Location Based Services Functional Owners (3) to organize, prioritize and assess work for our scrum team. Functional Owner responsibilities include defining functional requirements specification (RFS) for new features and/or services, scheduling releases, and coordinating end-to-end service development and deployment. To be successful in this role, you should be able to identify user needs and work with cross-functional teams to manage product releases.

    Your Role:

    • Own a function of one of the three connected vehicle services: 1) Remote Start, 2) Core Services, 3) Geo Location Based Services. You must ensure that the negotiated requirements are being met and validated for use in the production environment.
    • Be the Engineering interface and be involved in the whole process from requirement identification to validation.
    • Be responsible for requirements analysis, break-down of the requirements, and prioritize backlog to the software development team.
    • Be responsible for Agile planning and supporting the development teams with expertise knowledge during the sprints.
    • Support the development team in development and testing of the software platforms.
    • Lead in the successful testing of your functional system in vehicle.
    • Work closely with development and deployment teams and product owners, actively perform optimization and solve issues that may occur in the function.
    • Throughout the features/services lifecycle, work with the product owner(s) to prioritize and make decisions on continuous improvements of the software platform and decide on when the product is ready to be delivered.
    • Continuously follow up to make sure your function is delivered on time, within budget and met the negotiated requirements.

    Technical Experience:

    • Concept elaboration.
    • Ensure that the realization of the function is compliant to standard, norm and legals provide a technology roadmap.
    • Registration and valuation of patents; patent suits.
    • Technical feasibility analysis of product request (PA) and function specification (Functional Requirements Document).
    • Development of the technical vehicle specific concept of the function.
    • Supporting the creation of the function TPB.
    • Identification and naming of the technical changes of the function.
    • Defining and review requirements based on the legal privacy inputs and account for them in the overall functional specification.
    • Technical evaluation regarding Safety, Security, Legal and other stakeholders.
    • Fulfillment of Blueprint and other legal documents regarding technical issues.
    • Creation and coordination of implementing functional concept.
    • Ensure enterprise alignment.
    • Creation and maintenance of technical services characteristic sheets.
    • Support updating overall function list Specification.
    • Provide specification in defined time and quality.
    • Analyze Function specification.
    • Creation and alignment specification if it is created in DOORS; Inquiry Specification / Rough Specification; Contract specifications / fine specification; Allocation requirements into the affected system components; Alignment of specifications with suppliers, use of PLM module; Set brand approval as per client specifications.
    • Creation and alignment of the agile specification in JIRA/Confluence, within the framework of agile development; Definition of Capability (Hypothesis Statement, Acceptance Criteria, non-functional requirements); Review and approval of Feature Concepts in Confluence (Hypothesis Statement, Acceptance Criteria, non-functional requirements); Review and approval of the system test specification.
    • Analysis and rating of special properties (BSM), ensure BSM Implementation.
    • Trigger CCB approval of a new specification (Golden Rules).
    • Ensure baselines of the specification.
    • Definition of Business Process Diagram by the Business Architect (according to the Business Use Cases Diagram).
    • Identification and prioritization of conflicting functional requirements within the function realization process.
    • Definition of country-specific requirements.
    • Define acceptance criteria (e.g., within agile specification).
    • Specify and align privacy concept of his function.
    • Clarification and definition of signals.
    • Parameter alignment and adjustment.
    • Ensure input for the configuration management (old: product data process, fill ServiceConfigMatrix, F-Tab.
    • Define ZDC guidelines.
    • Version and variant management (Function42, Te.VBV).
    • Triggering of the evaluation regarding safety, security, legal, norms and incorporation of resulting requirements.
    • Ensure safety and security concept and incorporate safety and security requirements into the specification.
    • Product FMEA if needed.
    • Creation of HMI concept for service requirements.
    • Coordination with HMI and UX.
    • Definition of content requirements.
    • Alignment with the content provider/third party backend.
    • Technical alignment of the specification with the component responsible, suppliers and within the brands and markets.
    • Architecture.
    • Definition of the system scope and borders.
    • Definition of the function localization within the components.
    • Ensure system Architecture and Interfaces.
    • Technical alignment of the architecture with the Solution Architect and the vehicle architect.
    • Technical alignment and specification of the interfaces (vehicle internal cross over components and vehicle external) effected by his function.
    • Provide modelling of the function in PREVISION Integration, FIT and Testing.
    • Ensure integration in the system, ensure verification and error management.
    • Defining of acceptance criteria and Testing Scope.
    • Specification of system test case specification (module scope / application scope).
    • Define Integration plan and provide input for integration level plan of the vehicle (Total System Integration).
    • Provide test cases for Feature Integration Tracking (FIT).
    • Determination of B- and C-sample maturity of the realization of the function.
    • Test execution and Test reporting.
    • Error analysis for application scope and vehicle side.
    • Change Management.
    • Ensure change management of the realization of the function.
    • Creation, submission, presentation, plausibility check of change request.
    • Alignment of changes within the function.
    • Support P3 process.
    • Project Approval.
    • Provide statements within the approval process and regarding the level of maturity of the realization of the function.
    • Approval of test plan and test specification of the function.
    • Approval of the security evidence of the function.
    • Report on the approval status in the project (platform and vehicle).
    • Confirmation of customer suitability and approval of the function implementation in the project.
    • Provide statement to BMG, K- and MOD Overall approval.
    • Ensure needed certification of the function.
    • Planning, Tracking, Controlling and Reporting.
    • Ensure planning, control and reporting of the realization of the function.
    • IS Planning, Feature Release planning.
    • Test and validation milestone planning.
    • Technical contact for markets.
    • Reporting on vehicle project.
    • Ensure SOP achievement of the realized function.
    • Ensure documentation, tracking of BSM Gates.
    • Support supplier nomination process.
    • Escalation to the fcs or line manager if needed.
    • Transition / Operation.
    • Ensure Input for service transition. - Delivery of Service Transition - Input Documents support operational support.

    Unique Skills:

    • Additional specific requirements:10+ years Technical Product Management experience.
    • 3+ years Systems/Software Engineering.
    • Experience working with large-scale production systems.
    • Ability to learn new technologies, propose and evaluate options and provide recommendations.
    • Bachelor's Degree in the Engineering Field.
    • Automotive experience required.

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