HYBRID - Software Engineer

$146000 - $184000 yr

Full Time


    • LINUX
    • SHELL
    • PHP
    • JAVA

    Job Description


    Location: San Diego, CA (hybrid)


    The Software Engineer works with a high-performing team of engineers and will contribute to the overall design and architecture of products that support the current and next generation of electronic health records. In this role, the Software Engineer is responsible for providing software design, implementation, and testing of clinical information software used in healthcare institutions to chart, review, and analyze patient clinical data. This position leads through direct contributions to product development as well as by writing documents and giving presentations.

    • Perform software design based on input from clinical users, characteristics of the existing software base, consultation with other engineering staff, and system functional requirements.
    • Perform software implementation, following coding guidelines and considering system characteristics to produce optimal performance, reliability, and maintainability.
    • Conduct software evaluation and testing of own software, software from other engineering staff, and third-party software.
    • Provide a test plan for use by other engineering staff, quality assurance, and support departments in validating a new implementation.
    • Perform work in compliance with coding guidelines, system functional, and project requirements.
    • Attend design review meeting and adhere to software development plan and procedures.
    • Produce work to achieve optimal performance, reliability, and maintainability.
    • Document and repair errors related to software.
    • Collaborate on providing Engineering documentation and teach best practices to improve documentation within engineering and across company departments.
    • Work on special projects as assigned.



    • Bachelor's degree in Science or Engineering (5 years of relevant work experience will be considered in place of the degree).
    • Working with Linux in a command line environment using the following utilities: bash, sed, awk, grep, find, vi, diff, strings.
    • Linux software development tool chain: gcc, make, ld, nm, ldd, ar, gdb.
    • Understands TCP / IP network concepts: IP address, netmask, sliding window, UDP, MAC Address, arp, framing.
    • Computer science concepts: Queuing theory, data structures, processes / threads, inter process communication, file systems, matricies, Big O notation, sorting, searching.
    • Documentation technologies such as Doxygen, LaTeX, HTML.

    Additional Desired Skills

    • Experience with DBMS and SQL such as MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, or other relational databases.
    • Work experience with PHP, JavaScript, Java, HTML, or XML; Apache servers, Web services and applications.
    • Experience with debugging utilities such as GDB.
    • Demonstrated interest and ability to learn other coding languages as needed.

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