Network Architect I


$86,420 - $100,795
Full Time


technical assistance
communication skills

Job Details

The United States Postal Service is recruiting for a Network Architect I to work in Raleigh, NC. This position is a permanent and full-time with federal benefits. Please see below the position description.


TITLE: Network Architect I





HOURS: 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

SALARY RANGE: 86,420.00 100,795.00 USD Annually

BENEFIT INFORMATION: The salary will be based on previous experience, salary history, and current postal pay policies. We offer excellent benefits including health and life insurance, retirement plan, savings/investment plan with employer contribution, flexible spending, flextime scheduling of core work hours, annual and sick leave.

Functional Purpose

Serves as an architect responsible for network implementations and operation including Radio Frequencies (RF) to ensure performance, reliability, and security of Data Centers, Postal Service sites, applications, and systems. Implements and operates network systems via planning, process, procedure, automation, and optimization.


1. Serves as an architect on projects and initiatives for network solutions. Provides technical guidance and expertise to professionals and other stakeholders involved in the implementation and operation of network technologies and architecture to ensure developed solutions align with business organizational strategies and objectives.

2. Implements and operates initiatives and projects for enterprise- wide network solutions including: Radio Frequency, LAN, WAN, Wireless, Software Defined Networks, Data Center LAN, telephony, network management solutions, network specific security, and remote access technologies and approaches.

3. Implements and operates physical and virtual networks, cloud environments/services, telephony, remote access, business partner access, and network security measures with automation across a wide variety of systems to support solutions for business requirements and customer needs.

4. Maintains and validates network processes, procedures, standards, triage, designs, guides, operations, future strategies, and current state layouts using collaborative tools to share consistent knowledge, security, and reliability of network technologies to stakeholders.

5. Provides technical assistance to and collaborates with stakeholders engaged in the implementation, operation, usage, and maintenance of network solutions. Escalates significant issues to appropriate personnel for awareness.

6. Identifies and resolves issues encountered on IT systems related to implementation, operation, and usage by leading the triage through complete technical assistance, guidance, advice, tuning, modifications, communications, and reporting.

7. Implements and monitors optimized performance measurements, resiliency, and security metrics. Implements and maintains processes for the evaluation of network systems and applications effectiveness, including the defining and tracking of performance metrics. Develops, presents, and publishes deliverables (e.g., bandwidth utilization for wide area networks) for broad stakeholder consumption.

8. Facilitates coordination and ongoing communications with contract vendors to ensure clear expectations, appropriate prioritization, consistent service, and to troubleshoot issues.

9. Maintains conformity of the Postal Service's Frequency Management Program with the rules and regulations of the National Telecommunications Information Agency (NTIA), and Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

10. Processes Radio Frequency requests, determine band of operation, and prepares and submits radio frequency assignment requests to the Department of Commerce. Accesses Radio Frequency classified information and ensures adherence with all security compliance regulations.


Manager of unit to which assigned.


  1. SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Applicant must submit to a Tier 5 Single-Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) and a Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) if required. This investigation requires, among other things, completion of a questionnaire and fingerprinting for a criminal records check. The investigation may require a drug test. The successful applicant will be required to obtain and maintain a Top Secret or Top Secret/SCI clearance while holding this position.
  2. EDUCATION REQUIREMENT: Applicants must possess one of the following: 1. Bachelors or Graduate degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Network Systems Administration, or a closely related field from a college or university accredited by a national or regional accreditation organization recognized and sanctioned by the U.S. Department of Education. OR 2. Possess four (4) years of equivalent professional experience managing enterprise-wide network technologies.
  3. Knowledge of enterprise-wide network solutions sufficient to implement and operate physical and virtual networks, cloud environments/services, and network security measures.
  4. Knowledge of major provider cloud services (e.g., Amazon, Microsoft, Google) sufficient to implement and operate cloud-based network solutions.
  5. Knowledge of traditional and innovative voice protocols sufficient to implement and operate enterprise voice solutions.
  6. Ability to implement and operate existing, new, and emerging network technologies by following processes, standards, and procedures to ensure consistency, security, and reliability.
  7. Ability to implement and operate automation technologies designed to manage network technologies across an enterprise-wide network.
  8. Ability to implement and maintain processes used for evaluating network performance, including procedures to define performance metrics, analyze data, and improve network operability.
  9. Ability to communicate, orally and in writing, sufficient to develop and present technical documentation; technical briefings; architectural documentation; provide written and/or verbal guidance on technical issues; and prepare/publish/present recommendations and reports to all levels of management including executive leadership.
  10. Ability to resolve incidents and restore network and IT infrastructure services through technical assistance, guidance, triage, coordination, collaboration, and configuration.
  11. Knowledge of the rules and regulations of the National Telecommunications Information Agency (NTIA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and potential impact on the USPS.
  12. Knowledge of radio frequency (RF) principles and enterprise-wide network solutions sufficient to implement and maintain physical and virtual networks, cloud environments/services, and network security measures.
  13. Ability to document, implement, and maintain band of radio operation and perform radio frequency assignment requests.


Qualified applicants must successfully pass a pre-employment drug screening to meet the U.S. Postal Service's requirement to be drug free.

Background Check:

The Inspection Service criminal background check is conducted using United States information resources only (e.g., FBI fingerprint check, state and county checks). A criminal background check involves a 5-year inquiry for any location where the individual has resided, worked, or gone to school within the United States or its territories. As a result of this limitation, the criminal background checks of individuals who have not resided in the United States or its territories for the preceding 5-years may not be considered complete. If the Inspection Service is unable to perform a complete background check because of residency outside the United States, such individuals will be ineligible.

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