Signal Process Software Engineer

Contract: W2, 6 Month(s)+


    • MATLAB
    • DOORS
    • C++
    • Signal Processing
    • Systems
    • Engineering

    Job Description

    Signal Process Software Engineer

    Job Number: 240555

    6+ Month Contract

    Onsite in Manassas, VA

    *ship is required*

    We are seeking a highly skilled signal processing software engineer with a strong background in signal processing algorithm design, development and analysis to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for developing and implementing solutions for a variety of signal processing applications. You will work closely with a team of software engineers and signal processing experts to design, develop, and test software solutions that meet our customers' needs.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    * Design and implement signal processing algorithms in Matlab

    * Analyze algorithm performance and create reports & presentations for customer review

    * Development, Integration and Test of signal processing applications in a tactical system

    * Optimize software performance for large-scale datasets and real-time processing

    * Write clean, efficient, and maintainable code

    * Participate in code reviews and ensure that code meets high-quality standards


    * Ideally 3 years of experience +

    * Strong MATLAB skills.

    * Some R&D work but mostly working on converting MATLAB algo's to C++ so that it can be a piece of software running on a tactical system.

    * Can work with an interim clearance

    THIRD PARTY AGENCIES, SUBCONTRACTORS, AND RECRUITERS NEED NOT APPLY. Applicants received from firms will not be considered. Subcontracting is not available for this position.