Lead .Net Developer


$130,000 - $145,000
Contract - W2
Contract - 12 Month(s)


.net developer
lead .net developer
application developer
senior .net developer

Job Details


The Director of Software Development is a senior software engineering role responsible for leading a team of developers in the creation of software solutions for the organization.

The role involves hands-on development work, designing and building application systems, and

directing the work of team-members and contractors.

  • Lead the design and development of well-architected software systems.
  • Collaborate with project management and customers to ensure business and end user requirements and goals are met.
  • Provide technical leadership and direction to developers in day-to-day activities.
  • Write, debug, and review code.
  • Write tests, including end-to-end tests, to validate software functionality.
  • Oversee software development contractors and their project deliverables.
  • Lead an Agile customer-focused strategy to achieve business goals.
  • Establish KPIs and metrics related to customer activities and software performance.
  • Coordinate feasibility studies for software and system products under consideration for purchase, and give advice based on findings.
  • As primary liaison, collaborate with other IT teams, customers, and vendors, to troubleshoot and support software.
  • Collaborate with IT teams to develop customer support plans.
  • Coordinate and perform in-depth tests for modified and new systems, including UAT.
  • Create technical documentation and system diagrams to guide technical staff.
  • Collaborate on end-user documentation and training materials.
  • Gather product feedback from customers.
  • Review and analyze existing applications, develop strategies for deprecating, improving, or leveraging those systems.
  • Where necessary, prepare, establish, and monitor budgets.


  • Strong foundation in DotNet (.NET) C# (Razor/WebAPI), JavaScript/TypeScript.
  • Understanding of JavaScript/TypeScript frameworks (NextJS, React, Angular)
  • Familiarity with Java, Python, Linux/Windows shell.
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases, and database schema design.
  • Understanding of software architecture design.
  • Critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills.
  • Communication and collaboration.
  • Ability to plan and work independently.
  • Knowledge of Git and version control strategies.
  • Experience and understanding of the DevOps SDLC.
  • Experience with CI/CD systems such as GitLab or Azure DevOps.
  • Knowledge of software security best practices.
  • Understanding of automated testing frameworks and QA best practices.
  • Experience with Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or other public cloud platforms.
  • Understanding of cloud native technologies, e.g., containers, Kubernetes, queue / messaging systems.
  • Understanding of application monitoring and observability tools.
  • Understanding of Infrastructure as Code tools.
  • Excellent technical writing skills.
  • Strong time management skills.
  • Knowledge of applicable data privacy practices and laws.
  • Familiarity with task management software such as JIRA, Monday, or Asana.