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    Job Description

    Design, implement, deploy and maintain systems for building, deploying, and operating customer-facing applications. Design and implement continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines using Jenkins and GitLab. Support Developers with local development environments with infrastructure and pipeline needs. Implement Infrastructure As Code. Learn, support, and improve technologies and abstractions (including databases, load balancers, monitoring, reporting, etc.) Recommend and implement cybersecurity technologies and policies. Monitor large distributed systems (Prometheus, AlertManager, Elastic Stack). Technical environment: Jenkins, Groovy Language, GitLab, Prometheus, AlertManager, Elastic Stack, Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS), containerization (docker, mesos/aurora, Kubernetes), SQL, NoSQL, AWS that extends beyond simple cloud computing (Serverless, Data Lake, Messaging, IAM), Java, Python, Puppet, Terraform, Salt, Shell/Python scripting, VPC Peering, IPv6, distributed log-oriented messaging systems (Kafka/Kinesis), JavaScript, Ruby, Scala, Go, HAP Roxy, NGINX, Apache.

    Job Requirements
    *Master's degree in Computer Science/Engineering/Cybersecurity or related field plus two years of experience in the job offered or in software systems development required. Required Skills: Jenkins, Groovy language, GitLab, docker, mesos/aurora, Kubernetes, AWS (Serverless, Data Lake, Messaging, IAM), Terraform, IPV6. (*Bachelor's degree in Computer Science/Engineering/Cyber Security or related field plus five years of progressive experience in the job offered or in software systems development also acceptable).