Embedded GPU Driver Contractor


  • ARM
  • Android development
  • Architecture
  • Assembly
  • Brand
  • C
  • Compiler
  • Computer engineering
  • Computer science
  • Device drivers

Job Description


As a Contract GPU Device Driver Software Engineer, you will work as part of a GPU IP team working on significant deliverables for the team. This is a senior-level position where the candidate will be in an individual contributor role, tasked with developing world-class graphics drivers targeting brand new Samsung GPU architecture. Key responsibilities include: •Develop a world-class graphics driver targeting brand new Samsung GPU architecture •Implement standard features and extensions for APIs like Open GL ES and Vulkan •Participate in driver infrastructure architecture with a focus on power and performance requirements •Develop driver techniques that optimize real-time rendering pipelines and make them run faster •Work closely with the compiler team to exploit a framework that encapsulates driver/compiler interaction and compiler strategies •Collaborate with GPU architects to drive GPU features support from SW and review SW/HW interfaces


Minimum requirements: •BSEE, Computer Science, Computer Engineer or comparable and 7 + years of experience •7+ years of industrial experience in systems programming (driver development a strong plus) •Strong algorithmic background and outstanding problem-solving skills •System level performance analysis and strong OS fundamentals (memory management, multithreading/synchronization, user/kernel-mode interaction) •Excellent C and C++ programming skills (assembly a plus) •Familiarity with graphics APIs (e.g. Open GL/EGL, DirectX) •Understanding of rasterization pipeline and modern GPU architectures The preferred candidate will possess the following: •Experience working with ARM 64-bit architecture •Experience developing system software for Android OS •Knowledge of high-level shading languages, e.g., GLSL/HLSL