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Job Details

Full Stack React, JavaScript Developer - Onsite Required in Phoenix, AZ

Looking for a Full Stack React, JavaScript Developer with experience in the following: Node.js, React, C# API, and SQL Server database. As a Full Stack React JavaScript Developer in the team, you will be working on the design and development of services from the ground up. You ll have a solid understanding of computer science fundamentals and practical industry experience, working across the stack with technology. You will collaborate with the development and design team to plan UI ideas, workflows and user scenarios as well as follow proper documentation workflows and coding standards across the development process. This position is hybrid with onsite required in Phoenix, AZ.

Full Stack React, JavaScript Developer Responsibilities:

- Design and development of services.

- Collaborate with other stakeholders.

- Work with outside sources.

- Develop, test, deploy and release new user-facing features.

- Translate UI designs and UX wireframes into high-quality code.

- Optimize components for maximum performance.

- An advocate of general engineering best practices such as domain-driven code architecture, encapsulation, separation of concerns, single responsibility, clean code practices.

- Oversee codes, specifications, and processes.

Full Stack React, JavaScript Developer Qualifications:

- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or relevant field.

- 2 years of commercial work experience.

- Looking for a Front-End React JavaScript Developer with experience in the following: Node.js, React, C# API, and SQL Server database.

- Experienced in handling of common React patterns (HOC, render props, Provider pattern, Container / Presentational components, etc.).

- Familiarity with general front-end tooling, particularly Node.js and NPM.

- Familiarity with C# API and SQL Server database.

- Proven record of building scaled front end Single Page Applications with React.

- Strong knowledge of JavaScript (ES5 spec and up). such as js primitives vs objects, scopes in js, understanding of closures, function binding, etc.

- General knowledge of common challenges in front-end development (such as browser behavior and limitations, front-end application optimizations).

- Experience and knowledge of Redux, Babel, Jest unit testing.

- Solid knowledge of common React principles (immutability, pure functions, functional/class components, pure components, change detection, etc.).

- Experienced in common front-end styling paradigms CSS modules, CSS in js.

- Familiarity with react hooks qualification.

Full Stack React, JavaScript Developer Other Job Requirements

- Able to work a flexible schedule as needed.

- Able to positively interact with and develop rapport with customers and coworkers.

- Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing.

- Comply with all policies, procedures, and contractual/regulatory requirements.

- Within one month of hire, complete new-employee orientation.

- Complete and provide all training as directed.

- Provide documentation related to formal education, training, and compliance with general and physical requirements as requested.

- Dress in an appropriate and safe manner for the type of work being done. Must be well-groomed and always maintain good hygiene.

- Demonstrate ethical behavior.

- Demonstrate dependability by reporting to work on-time and working required hours/days.

- Achieve goals developed during employee performance evaluations.

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