Data Scientist - Hosptial

$120,000 - $175,000

Full Time

  • No Travel Required


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Job Description


  • The Keck Medical Center of seeks a Data Scientist to derive insights from the vast amounts of patient and environmental data available within our data warehouse. To achieve this goal, novel and creative machine learning and statistical analyses are needed. The incumbent will work closely with researcher teams to design analysis specifications, including input data specifications, data cleaning, algorithms, and interpretation of results. The incumbent will develop and implement algorithms on existing data warehouse records and may nominate new external data sources to be ingested to the data warehouse to strengthen analyses. Analyses will address a wide variety of clinical and research outcomes. The incumbent will research and implement state-of-the-art AI algorithms, apply off-the-shelf AI and data-centric tools, and collect, store, and maintain data. The successful candidate will have demonstrated competence in developing highly scalable artificial intelligence systems with multiple dependencies across teams.

Minimum Education:

  • BS in computer science, artificial intelligence, informatics, or closely related field.
  • MS preferred.

Minimum Experience/Accountabilities:

  • 2-5 years required experience

Basic Qualifications: Proven experience with:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Advanced analytics and business intelligence
  • Python programming
  • R, SQL and other DBMS

Additional Qualifications: Proven experience with:

  • Clinical informatics and healthcare data
  • Technical writing
  • Jupyter notebooks
  • SAS, Stata, SPSS
  • AWS environment and tools
  • Sagemaker, TensorFlow, Kafka
  • Spark, Hadoop

• Develop, test, and install new software applications, and enhances functionality of existing applications, for artificial intelligence and machine learning

• Design, develop, and implement artificial intelligence algorithms, and build scalable production systems focused on clinical and research outcomes

• Identify creative uses of artificial intelligence and potential artificial intelligence innovations in health care research

• Collaborate with a team of programmers and informatics experts to address emerging client needs

• Collect and manage new datasets with bearing on artificial intelligence analyses of healthcare data

• Create new experimental frameworks to collect data, build tools to automate data collection

• Correlate similar data to find actionable results and search through large data sets for usable information

• Create reports and presentations on analysis results

• Remain current on trends in informatics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for healthcare