Perl Developer

Up to $120,000

Full Time

  • 10% Travel


  • PostgreSQL
  • Perl
  • UI
  • Backend
  • FullStack
  • Object Oriented Programming

Job Description

The Perl Developer must have experience in analyzing customer needs and developing overall concept and design objectives. The developer must be able to create software in a variety of programming and for a variety of IT software applications. Must have experience in debugging and correcting errors in computer programs. Responsible for designing, building and configuring applications to meet business process and application requirements.


  • 5 years of related experience
  • Bachelor's Degree in related field or 8 additional years of experience
  • 3+ years of PERL development UI/Backend/FullStack exeprience
  • Object oriented Perl Programming/scripts
  • PostgreSQL Database experience
  • Experience in debugging and correcting errors in computer programs
  • Must be able to work an eastern standard time schedule.


  • Organizational Skills: Can plan and prioritize work. Follows tasks to their logical conclusion and makes sure that everything has been done to the right standard. Good attention to detail.
  • Team player: Able to enthuse and maintain project interest. Comfortable working both individually and as part of a team. Prepared to challenge ideas within a group in a constructive way.
  • Communications: Ability to communicate clearly and efficiently to team members and clients, verbally and in writing. Able to present ideas in a variety of ways depending upon audience and context. Excellent active listening skills.
  • Quantitative Management: Ability to determine process measures and track to determine process effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Problem Solver: Ability to analyze problems and determine root cause, generating alternatives, evaluating and selecting alternatives and implementing solutions.
  • Results oriented: Able to drive things forward regardless of personal interest in the task.

Preferred Skills

  • OpenSource Request Tracker experience