Python/Perl/Linux Developer

Depends on Experience

Contract: W2, Corp-To-Corp


    • Automate
    • DevOps
    • API
    • SQL
    • Containerization
    • UNIX / Linux
    • Perl
    • Python
    • Troubleshooting
    • Design

    Job Description

    Level 3
    Job Description:

    The UNIX Engineering group is responsible for designing and implementing Linux infrastructure for Company's distributed systems. The group is involved in evaluation, certification, integration, and maintenance of various products, including hardware, Operating Systems (Red Hat Linux and Solaris), system services (DNS, DHCP, LDAP, etc.), file systems (including AFS, NFS, various cluster file systems), and a variety of in-house developed tools. The Configuration Management team within UNIX Engineering is looking for a person to assist with keeping in sync inventory systems with the configuration management system.

    The responsibilities will include:
    Working closely with customers to develop and deploy tools to do robust validation of inventory data running in the plant and providing reporting and system feedback for such data. Working with the open source community, testing and certifying new upstream releases for internal use, and ensuring our patches are accepted upstream. Maintaining and improving the group's internal continuous integration and testing platform. We ship a great deal of code on a weekly basis. Writing self-service tooling to allow customers to customize their configuration. Troubleshooting problems, determining the root cause, and where possible, fixing the bug(s).

    Skills Required:
    * Good understanding of UNIX / Linux system fundamentals.
    * Ability to write robust, maintainable, scripts in Perl or Python.
    * Good knowledge of at least one configuration management system.
    * Experience in managing a large UNIX / Linux plant, including:
    * Setting up and maintaining continuous integration and testing frameworks.
    * Defining best practices and automating the administrative tasks.
    * Effective troubleshooting skills across all components of the plant (HW, OS, network, storage).
    * Ability to collaborate with others on development, including code reviews, providing specifications, implementing specifications from others, and writing documentation.

    Skills Desired:
    * Knowledge, awareness and contributor to open source projects would be an ideal fit. Knowledge of virtualization technology.
    * Additional programming languages and skills such as fast Api, SQL, containerization.
    * Experience of DevOps. Actual Projects
    * Making the plant more operations-friendly - fixing minor issues and bugs raised by ops.
    * Testing and deploying updated versions of upstream code.
    * Improving the automated testing framework and improving the coverage of the template unit tests
    * Automated system inventory data collection, data cleanup and feeding this to inventory systems.
    * To be able to provide splunk based reporting of inventory issues.