Senior Devops Engineer

$80,000 - $100,000

Full Time

  • No Travel Required


DevopsCloud engineer

Job Description

Job description

We are urgently hiring Senior DevOps Engineer for our reputed US Client based out of Detroit MI.

Work setting:-Onsite



Job description:-

You will design, deploy and mature a DevSecOps environment to host and deploy containerized applications.

You will design and implement Kubernetes to manage containers on-premise on traditional Linux servers.

You will understand requirements, develop written implementation plans, break work down into tasks, and manage the completion of those tasks.

You will be implementing CI/CD pipelines with best practices on our environments.

You will collaborate and work closely with development teams to enhance architecture of the environment, and provide guidelines and steps they should follow to achieve operational maturity.


What we need:

* 3+ years of experience designing, deploying, and managing modern software development resources, including shared services such as logging, monitoring, alerting, security scanning

* 2+ years of experience working and managing Kubernetes/K8S clusters in multiple environments.

* 2+ years of hands-on experience in all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle, including CI/CD pipelines, Git, ES-Lint, Code static analysis tools, GitOps

* 2+ years of experience installing and configuring DevSecOps tools in containers on the VMware platform

* 2+ years of experience working as part of an Agile development team.


Educational Qualification:

BS in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems, or related field;

or the equivalent combination of education, technical training, or work/military experience.


Bonus points if you have:

* Experience working with the Big Bang platform DevSecOps platform

* Should be able to deploy packages from the , and configure those on-premise.

* You have knowledge of multiple tools for automation testing

* Demonstrated ability to take initiative

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills

* Experience with the DoD software development; understanding of the DoD DevSecOps reference architecture:


Security Clearance: