Process and Production Engineer

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    Job Description

    Process and Production Engineer

    Position Overview

    We are looking for a Production Engineer to assist with selling complex scientific and technological products or services in our quoting department.

    The Production Engineer's responsibilities include maintaining extensive knowledge of the production line's output process and efficiency, products' parts, functions, and processes, and assisting the quoting department where technical expertise may be required to accommodate the clients' needs.

    To be successful as a Production Engineer in our quoting department, you should possess an in-depth knowledge of our company's technical products and services. You should be able to relate this knowledge in a way that is understandable to non-technical personnel and customers.


    · Liaising with other engineers to develop plans that improve production, costs, and labor required.

    · Act as the primary liaison between the quoting and production department

    · Liaising with other engineers to develop plans that improve production, costs, and labor required.

    · Drawing up production schedules and budgets for projects.

    · Scheduling meetings with relevant departments and stakeholders.

    · Analyzing all facets of production and making recommendations for improvement.

    · Provide bills for services

    · Track and manage your work record

    · Work with all internal groups, including support, sales, engineering, product management, and consulting

    · Prepare accurate and timely reports



    · Degree in engineering Experience with CAD software.

    · Proficiency in MS Office.

    · Proven experience in the engineering field.

    · Superb analytical, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

    · Superb written and verbal communication skills.

    · Great attention to detail and organizational skills.

    · Able to read product schematics and calculate production time cost Bilingual Spanish

    · 1-2 years of production engineering experience Full-time


    Type: Direct-hire full time

    Location: Fremont, or Morgan Hill, CA (onsite)


    Abel Lara | OSI Engineering


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