Back-End Software Engineer


$135,000 - $145,000
Full Time
No Travel Required



Job Details

We are seeking a Back-End Engineer to work on exciting projects across various teams, including SuperApp, DeFi, Payments, Brokerage, and Fraud, among others.

As an ideal candidate, you will have strong knowledge of distributed systems design, are proficient in coding on the JVM (one of Java, Kotlin, Scala), understand the importance of scalability and reliability and are looking to be part of cutting-edge projects in a fast-paced environment. Our engineering teams are involved in all aspects of the product lifecycle, from idea generation, design, prototyping, planning, execution, shipping and monitoring. We are looking for software engineers who care about the customers, software excellence, are advocates of best practices and love learning new skills.


  • Be at the forefront of the cryptocurrency ecosystem building out new distributed software to handle our rapidly growing user base of 75M+ wallets to reach 1B+ customers.
  • Become a key member of a dedicated engineering team committed to rapidly shipping, and iterating on products that directly impact millions of users.
  • Advocate best practices, code quality, test coverage and drive technical discussions.
  • Build scalable services with Kotlin, and deal with problems like synchronization, asynchronous operations, database optimizations, scalability and reliability of systems.
  • Gain exposure to an array of technologies such as Kafka, PostgreSQL, Redis, Docker, etc.
  • Optimize existing systems for scalability, extensibility and performance whilst building out reusable, modular code for use across products.
  • Ensure security is at the forefront of everything you do, employing advanced encryption schemes to secure user and company data.
  • Work within interdisciplinary teams to continually deliver the highest quality software to our users.

Required Skills:

  • At least one year of experience in any JVM based languages (such as Java, Kotlin, Scala)
  • Experience building and shipping highly-available, fault tolerant, production ready distributed backend systems
  • Strong understanding of data structures, databases and large-scale distributed systems
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