Electronic Data Interchange Analyst

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Full Time

  • 10% Travel


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Job Description

The AS/400 Electronic Data Interchange Analyst will be responsible for the functional receipt and maintenance of daily data transactions between Crown and our business partners. This position will have heavy contact with end users, customers, and vendors. The EDI Coordinator will be the first line of contact for any issues that surround data movement.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Review data transferred between Crown and customers/vendors.
  • Review data transferred between Crown and customers/vendors.
  • Ensure programs and data communications are working properly. Verify data delivery by using functional    acknowledgements. Assess data mailbox for translation, control, and functional errors.
  • Ensure that Crown’s specifications are being accurately followed. Monitor data for proper document, segment, and element configuration. Prepare and administer new or changing specifications.
  • Establish new customer/vendor EDI relationships.
  • Create/Change/Test relationships and communicate this information to the EDI/400 Trusted Link package. This includes setting up customers/vendors, adding relationships into the EDI package, communications, and data translations.
  • Create and maintain statistical information.
  • Create mapping using customer or internal specifications. This would include creating User File Definitions over new or existing databases.
  • Set up and test data mapping/definitions in a multiple system environment. This would include migration and testing of maps/definitions/relationships/trading partners from development into production following Crown’s SOX compliance.
  • Problem and history documentation will be compiled and filed accordingly.
  • This position requires extensive interaction with trading partners.
  • Report and conduct investigations into any alleged data resource issue.



  • Must have at least 3 years’ experience using translation software, preferably OpenText Trusted Link utilizing AS2 and (s)FTP communications.
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred.
  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communications in English are required.
  • Must have experience resolving any data issues with internal staff, customers/vendors, and Value-Added Networks.
  • Must have proven ability to handle confidential and sensitive information appropriately.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office tools including Excel.
  • Experience performing data audits and job control checks is required.
  • Proven success investigating and solving problems with FTP, IP, AS2 and EDI with trading partners and VANs is highly preferred.
  • Ability to read and interpret Control Language programs with an understanding of database design in an AS/400 environment strongly preferred.
  • Ability to travel overnight up to 10% is required.
  • Position requires candidate to be able to multitask projects and support.
  • Candidate should understand encryption technology and use. Candidate should also have a thorough knowledge of multiple environment data exchanges.