SoC System Architect- General

Full Time


    • System
    • Architect
    • IP
    • DSP
    • Linux
    • Programming
    • Assembly

    Job Description

    Location: San Diego, CA
    Salary: $245,000.00 USD Annually - $257,000.00 USD Annually
    Description: Our client is currently seeking a SoC System Architect- General

    This job will have the following responsibilities:
    • Assess the rationale of chip architectural design and IP selection based on software, including CPU, GPU, DSP, DDR, and other IP modules
    • Define the final software scenarios of the chip and the accompanying technical specifications for the chip in collaboration with the planning team using the product use cases.
    • Analyze the chip's performance, delay, bandwidth, memory, and other characteristics in a variety of application scenarios to record the design specifications and produce a report on rival products in related industries.
    • Create models for evaluating SOC performance, delay, and bandwidth, and continually calibrate and improve them.
    • Create the system software's overall design and specify the relevant software requirements, such as memory allocation, real-time communication, and other relevant subsystem architectures.
    • Support other system software engineers with the chip validation, chip bring-up, software function design, and other relevant tasks to improve the performance of the finished soc software and meet mass production standards.

    Qualifications & Requirements:
    • Bachelor/Master's degree or above with EE, CS or related background.
    • At least 8 years' experience in embedded software programming or Linux kernel/system programming.
    • Good knowledge of and experience in ARM SoC architecture, ARM system Programming and simulator utilities
    • 3+ years' experience in SoC software evaluation or platform selection
    • Good programming skills in C/C++ language. Experience in Assembly is a plus
    • Be experienced and skilled in at least one of the following tasks:
      • Android system performance tuning and optimization.
      • Phone SoC software architecture design and IP selection.
      • Good knowledge of and experience in Linux kernel and proc/devtmpfs/sysfs/dev virtual file systems.
      • Be experienced and skilled in debugging chip bring-up and performance or stability issues in both primitive and complex environment.
    • Be proactive, responsible, innovative, thoughtfully, and communicative.


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