AR/VR Testers Manual

Depends on Experience

Full Time


    • Augmented Reality
    • Game Testing

    Job Description

    We have an exciting opportunity for manual tester with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with one of our clients. It’s a full-time and on-site position in Redmond, Washington. Please get back to me through this email as soon as possible. Please do not apply if you are not able to work onsite as this opportunity is NOT a Remote position.

    Job Role: As a manual tester with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), your main role would be to ensure that the VR and AR experiences are working as expected and are providing a seamless and immersive experience to the end-users.

    Technical Skills: You would need to have a good understanding of VR and AR technologies, as well as experience working with various VR and AR devices and software tools. Familiarity with programming languages like Java, Python, or C++ would be an added advantage.   

    Other Skills: Combination of technical skills, relevant experience, and strong communication and attention to detail skills would be highly beneficial for this role.


    Experience: Previous experience in manual testing, preferably in VR and AR environments, is highly desirable. Employers may also consider candidates with experience in related fields like game testing or mobile app testing.

    Here’s the JD for your reference. Please try to match you experience with the Job description below.

    AR/VR Testers Manual – multiple positions

    Location – Redmond, WA - onsite

    Duration – 12 months

    Job description:

    • Test scenarios to ensure the product meets quality standards.
    • Test product on range of supported hardware (computers and VR headsets).
    • Test Execution with AR/VR devices
    • End to End Scenario testing experience
    • Provide ongoing Test Execution support to developer community
    • Create and modify documentation to support manual testing for custom/standard test environments
    • Investigate and report software bugs, including reporting newly discovered issues and verifying bug fixes.
    • Maintain, improve, and expand QA tools.
    • Help maintain QA knowledge database and best practices.
    • Collaborate with Scenario Production and Engineering teams to create test plans.
    • Work with management team to develop and execute new test strategies and frameworks


    The applications are being forwarded on a faster pace. Only serious applicants will be encouraged.