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Updated November 11, 2020

Q3 Dice Tech Job Report Suggests Stabilization in Technology Hiring 

CENTENNIAL, Colo. November 11, 2020 / PRNewswire / - After a second quarter fundamentally disrupted by the pandemic, new data from the Dice Q3 Tech Job Report suggests overall stabilization in technology hiring during the third quarter of 2020. The report, released today by technology professional career hub Dice (a DHI Group, Inc. (NYSE: DHX) brand), provides exclusive statistics and analysis on the tech hiring landscape, including top cities and states, top employers and the most sought-after skills and occupations. 

Overall, the report shows that while the industry was certainly not immune to the far-reaching impacts of COVID-19, more positive technology hiring trends may be on the horizon. In a promising development, more than two-thirds of top employers increased job posting volumes in third quarter. Additionally, senior-level roles gained momentum, a possible indication that a larger number of mid-level postings will follow in the coming months. Although tech job postings were down 7% for the third quarter compared to the prior quarter, postings were virtually flat from August to September.   

“The increase in job posting volumes for a range of top employers and the overall boost in more senior roles are encouraging, especially considering that the tech unemployment rate is still comparatively low at 2.8%. We are seeing a continued demand for technologists even amidst the pandemic, and we expect that, with growing confidence, the trend toward stabilization will continue as organizations digitize and adapt to longer-term remote work flexibility,” said Art Zeile, Chief Executive Officer of DHI, parent company of Dice.  

While previous Dice Tech Job Reports have focused on year-over-year macro trends, this edition takes a more granular look at the tech industry by comparing the second and third quarters of 2020, and in some cases, month-over-month comparisons (August and September 2020).  

Top Ranking Cities, States by Job Posting Volume 
Traditional tech hubs, including New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Austin, led the country in tech job posting volumes, with New York and San Francisco generating 29,000 and 16,000 postings respectively. Texas and California cities saw the most growth from August to September, with San Antonio (21%), Houston (11%) and Austin (5%) leading growth in Texas, and San Jose (18%), Los Angeles (16%) and Sunnyvale (6%) leading in California.  

City Growth Rate from August to September 


% Change 

San Antonio, TX 


San Jose, CA 


Tempe, AZ 


Jacksonville, FL 


Los Angeles, CA 


McLean, VA 


Charlotte, NC 


Houston, TX 


Indianapolis, IN 


Miami, FL 


While the pandemic impacted the country’s usual seasonal increase in job postings from August to September, several states showed growth month-over-month, with New Jersey (7%) and Arizona (7%) topping the list, followed by Missouri (5%), Georgia (4%, and up five places in rank) and Massachusetts (4%). New Jersey’s growth in September was led by Jersey City, Princeton and Newark; Arizona’s was led by Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale and Tucson. 

Top-Ranking Employers Increase Job Posting Volumes 

More than two thirds (68%) of the top 50 employers in the third quarter (by job volume) increased the volume of jobs posted compared to the second quarter. The top 10 employers, ranked by job postings, are: 1) Amazon, 2) CACI, 3), Infosys, 4) Raytheon, 5) Accenture, 6) Oracle, 7) Leidos, 8) Booz Allen Hamilton, 9) T-Mobile and 10) General Dynamics. 

“As employers begin to eye recovery and, in some cases, a further pivot to digitization, tech hiring will see the impact of their decisions on whether to hire technologists internally full-time, or look to external sources as a temporary solution to remain nimble. For example, consultancies were a significant driver of growth in technology hiring during the third quarter, with CACI, Infosys and Accenture ranking second, third and fifth respectively,” said Michelle Marian, Chief Marketing Officer of DHI, parent company to Dice. 

Senior-Level Roles on the Rise 
Where previous quarters have shown the growth of mid-level roles, data that compares August to September illustrates a rise in senior-level roles, including IT Director (39%), software development manager (19%) and cyber security manager (15%), which may presage a further rise in mid-level job postings as new senior leaders look to build out their teams. 

Software developer was the top occupation in the third quarter, followed by project manager, network engineer, systems engineer and senior software developer. Back end developer (16%), data scientist (11%) and software product manager (8%) are some of the high-growth occupations from August to September, suggesting that companies are beginning to reorient their focus toward longer-term and larger projects that were potentially put on hold during the first and second quarters of 2020. 

Data-Related Skill Growth Speaks to Ongoing Digitization 
Third quarter skills data suggests that organizations may be preparing to launch or re-launch innovative tech efforts that have been largely halted since the onset of the pandemic. Product management improved by 10 spots throughout the quarter, and product development improved by 15 spots compared to second quarter. Additionally, data-related skills continue to be in high demand from employers, with data architecture (13%), data science (11%) and data modelling (7%) all growing from August to September. Machine learning improved 10 places in rank since the second quarter, suggesting that advanced technology skills are becoming increasingly mainstream. 

Full Report Access 

Dice Tech Job Report Overview and Methodology 
The Dice Tech Job Report is a comprehensive look at the fastest growing tech hubs, occupations and skills through the analysis of job posting data provided by Burning Glass, alongside insights from Dice's expertise and industry knowledge. Published quarterly since Q1 2020, previous Dice Tech Job reports have focused on year-over-year macro trends; this edition takes a more granular look at the tech industry by comparing Q3 and Q2 of 2020, and in some cases, month-over-month comparisons (August and September 2020). 
To gather these insights, job posting data was provided by Dice’s partner, Burning Glass Technologies. Dice analyzed over 1.5 million tech job postings in the U.S. To gather our specific dataset, we filtered for “Information Technology” jobs with hours that fall under “Full Time,” “Part Time” and “Not Listed,” as well as job types that are categorized as “Permanent,” or “Not Listed.” Datasets used for employer data were gathered by using the above criteria, with an additional filter for job postings that only derive from employer sites.  

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