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Updated November 24, 2020

The Dice Tech Job Report: Remarkable demand for data-oriented technologists; smaller tech hubs amassing top tech talent


NEW YORK, Feb. 6, 2020 -- / PRNewswire / DHI Group, Inc. (NYSE: DHX) announced today that Dice, its leading career marketplace for technology professionals, has released its first issue of The Dice Tech Job Report: Fastest Growing Tech Hubs, Roles and Skills. The report highlights the remarkable demand for data-oriented occupations and skillsets across tech and addresses why smaller tech hubs are amassing top tech talent.

Demand for data-oriented occupations and skillsets skyrocketed in 2019
2019 saw continued demand for data-oriented occupations and skillsets. The top tech occupations for 2019 reflect the need for specialized technologists like data engineers who can move and prepare information, data analysts who offer interpretation of valuable insights, and data scientists who develop machine learning models that can process large datasets. Data Engineer was the fastest growing tech occupation (up 50% Y/Y) followed by Back End Developer (up 38%), Senior Data Scientist (up 32%), CRM Developer (up 29%) and UI Developer (up 24%).

Fastest Growing Tech Occupations


Y/Y Growth

  1. Data Engineer


  1. Back End Developer


  1. Senior Data Scientist


  1. CRM Developer


  1. User Interface (UI) Developer


  1. Python Developer


  1. Android Developer


  1. Devops Engineer


  1. Front End Developer


  1. Cloud Architect


Fastest Growing Tech Skills


Y/Y Growth

  1. Kubernetes


  1. Docker Software


  1. Microsoft Azure


  1. DevOps


  1. React Javascript


  1. Data Science


  1. Ansible


  1. Tableau


  1. Salesforce


  1. Atlassian JIRA


In line with 2019’s most in-demand occupations, the top skills for 2019 further emphasize the need for technology employers to support end-to-end workflows. Kubernetes topped the 2019 list of hottest skills as containerization needs have grown considerably over the past few years. With a year-over-year growth of 82%, Kubernetes also has a projected growth of more than 67% in the next 10 years. Data Science grew by 28% Y/Y, Machine Learning by 22% and Python by 17%.

Fastest growing tech hubs attract both companies and talent
Smaller technology hubs showed tremendous growth year-over-year. Jacksonville, Florida was the fastest growing city in terms of job postings (up 54% Y/Y), followed by Columbus, Ohio (up 38%); San Diego, California (up 37%); Sunnyvale, California (up 31%); and Cincinnati, Ohio (up 27%). These new and innovative tech centers’ year-over-year growth continues to outpace well-established hubs like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles due to lower cost of living, higher quality of life, and the growing opportunity for jobs.

“2019 brought to light a number of fascinating developments in the tech industry as a whole, but also to broader industries that rely on technology to do their work,” said Art Zeile, CEO of DHI Group, Inc., parent company to Dice. “It’s clear that smaller U.S. tech hubs are embracing data-rich roles and skillsets, which are key in growing any tech or non-tech business. As the demand for technologists increases across the U.S., the time required to fill specialized roles will increase, requiring businesses to continue to find ways to stand out. An understanding of where technology is growing and what technologists are seeking are both paramount to successful 2020 recruitment efforts.”

About the Report
Introducing: The Dice Tech Job Report

The Dice Tech Job Report is a comprehensive look at the fastest growing tech hubs, occupations and skills through the analysis of job posting data provided by Burning Glass, alongside insights from Dice’s expertise and industry knowledge. This quarter’s issue covers the whole of 2019 and highlights the continued innovation taking place across multiple facets of the technology industry - geographically, in tech occupations and skillsets, and in garnering talent. Future issues of The Dice Tech Job Report will be published quarterly and will cover data from the prior quarter.

  • Employer Download: Employers hiring tech talent can view or download The Dice Tech Job Report
  • Full Report for Press: Press can email for an ungated link to the full report for viewing or download
  • Report Methodology: Job posting data was provided by Dice’s partner, Burning Glass Technologies, which has a database of more than 1 billion current and historical job postings worldwide. Dice analyzed over 6 million tech job postings throughout the United States from 2018 and 2019.

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