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Updated December 4, 2023

Technologists Share Perspectives on Inequality and Discrimination in New Dice Report 

CENTENNIAL, Colo. March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Dice, a DHI Group, Inc. brand (NYSE: DHX), today released its Equality in Tech Report, presenting perspectives from technologists on racial and gender equality in tech and within their organizations. The report also illustrates how important diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and values are to technologists, and how they believe their current organizations are performing in these areas.  

The Equality in Tech Report is accessible via direct link (no contact information or login required). The report is based on data from Dice’s annual survey of more than 9,000 technologists across the United States. 

“In sharing this important report, we seek to bring further clarity to the discussion around the urgent need to increase both gender and racial diversity within the technology industry, providing insights that we believe can lead to actionable solutions that all industry participants can embrace. We will only succeed in this profoundly vital effort through our collective commitment to immediate and real change,” said Art Zeile, CEO of Dice (a DHI Group, Inc. brand). 

Key Data Highlights 

The report is presented in two separate sections on race and gender. For the purposes of this release, the highlights outlined represent data from both sections. 

  • 57% of respondents who identify as women say that they have experienced some form of gender discrimination, drastically outnumbering the number of respondents who identify as men who said the same (10%).  

  • Black respondents (48%) were the most likely to have experienced racial discrimination, followed by Hispanic/Latino(a) respondents (30%), Asian/Pacific Islander respondents (25%), Asian Indian respondents (23%) and White respondents (9%). 

  • Only 37% of technologists identifying as women said they were extremely or moderately impressed with their company’s response to gender diversity and inclusion movements; and 17% of technologists identifying as women expressed that they are not all impressed.  

  • 59% of those respondents who identify as women said that an employer’s reputation regarding diversity, equity and inclusion is extremely or moderately influential in their decision to work for that company; 42% of those respondents who identify as male said the same.  

  • 65% of Black respondents thought that a reputation for diversity, equity, and inclusion was an important factor (extremely or moderately influential) in whether they would work for a particular company, followed by Asian Indian respondents (53%), Asian/Pacific Islander respondents (51%), Hispanic/Latino(a) respondents (50%) and White respondents (41%).  

“I cannot overstate the importance of this data in highlighting the crucial work we need to do when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion, both on a personal and professional level,” said Michelle Marian, CMO of Dice (a DHI Group brand). “Every member of our organization wants to be part of the solution, and impactful insights like those included in this report provide an all-important step in identifying the areas where we can all be the drivers of change.” 

View, Download and Share the Report 
Dice’s Equality in Tech Report is accessible via direct link (no contact information or login required for access): Dice Equality in Tech Report: Technologist Perception of Race and Gender Equality and Discrimination 

Read more on Dice Insights: The Equality in Tech Report: A Message from Dice CEO Art Zeile 

The Dice survey was administered online by among its registered Dice job seekers and site visitors between September 29, 2020 and December 9, 2020. Respondents were invited to participate in the survey in two ways: 1) via an email invitation to Dice’s registered (“searchable”) database members and 2) through a notification on via “pop-up” (i.e., site intercept). A total of 9,143 survey completes are represented in this report (this number excludes unemployed respondents, students, incomplete responses, and those who work outside of the U.S.).  

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