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Updated November 24, 2020

Technologists are primed to support and sustain business amidst COVID-19

NEW YORK, New York, March 31, 2020 – /PRNewswire/ DHI Group, Inc. (NYSE: DHX) announced today via Dice, its leading career hub for technology professionals, that technologists are primed to support the rapidly changing landscape of business operations due to COVID-19.

Technologists can help deliver solutions for many of the problems that companies and communities are facing due to the Coronavirus pandemic, including: access to real-time public health information, shifting toward remote work and home-school/distance-learning, bolstering necessary cybersecurity, moving to e-commerce platforms, customer service needs, backend database support and more.

“During this unprecedented time, in addition to first and foremost ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, businesses must leverage core technologies to ensure stability and success. For some, this might mean reallocating travel budgets that have been restricted due to travel bans and applying them toward hiring top tech talent to complete necessary projects. For others – utilizing artificial intelligence or automation to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Dice candidates cumulatively have 112 million technology skills and are primed to help businesses succeed,” shared Art Zeile, Chief Executive Officer of DHI Group, Inc., parent company to Dice.

Technologists: Experts in remote work and customer service

As “stay at home,” “shelter in place,” and “work from home” mandates have been put in place across large swaths of the U.S. and around the world, businesses that have traditionally operated in-person are now shifting gears to get up-to-speed with video conferencing and other remote tools. Due to the offshoring of technical resources and dispersed team structures a decade ago, working remotely has been a longtime trend in tech. However, with COVID-19’s impact on business-as-usual, increasing numbers of technologists are now working from home, which research shows most technologists prefer. The Dice 2020 Tech Salary Report showed that 73 percent of technologists found remote work to be an important benefit, but only 49 percent said that they had that flexibility from their employer.

“This shift from office to home has allowed companies to learn how to be effective in managing communication between employees. We have observed that technologists are cleverly and skillfully balancing the need to stay connected with their teammates to sort out interdependencies while also building in personal 'flow' time to problem-solve and code; they have nearly perfected working remotely,” shared Paul Farnsworth, Chief Technology Officer, DHI Group, Inc. parent company to Dice. “In the upcoming weeks, most companies will likely reach a comparable degree of productivity from their teams in work-from-home mode, beyond the coronavirus,” said Farnsworth.

Assisting with Change: End user services, cloud architect, product/project manager and system admin roles

For companies that are in need of remote work support, end user services (EUS) technologists can support remote work needs by offering support for employees setting up their remote work equipment, and are responsible for solving hardware/software equipment problems, installing, configuring and maintaining communications equipment and more; these technologists are skilled on a wide variety of technical concepts, practices and procedures. “On Dice, there are currently over 23,000 active EUS candidates in our database, which shows that there are indeed top-notch technologists looking for their next opportunity, even in the midst of global uncertainty,” said Zeile.

In addition to EUS technologists, the following roles are key to successful remote work plans:

  • Cloud architects who build out cloud platforms; Dice currently has 7,000 active cloud architects.
  • Product managers /project managers who are already adept at managing remote teams; Dice currently has 28,000 active product managers.
  • System administrators who support databases and IT infrastructure; Dice has over 19,000 system admins.

­“It’s also imperative to ensure your customer service and help desk teams are staffed and prepped to intake a higher volume of customer inquiries. These efforts will not only keep your business competitive, but also forward-moving and ultimately more successful in future months as this situation eventually changes for the better,” said Farnsworth.

Cybersecurity and e-Commerce: Present as ever

While the need for cybersecurity is ever-present, COVID-19 is top-of-mind for millions right now, making this an ideal time for cybercrimes that will likely use COVID-19 language to lure potential victims. “It’s vital to ensure businesses are adequately protected and that they look to security professionals who can employ the right tools to prevent the cybercrime that often runs rampant during crises. Additionally, finance and human resources teams who are not as familiar with working remotely need to take extra care – a change in environment and process can be exploited with clever spear phishing,” said Farnsworth.

With multitudes of companies moving into the e-commerce space, it is also important to ensure that businesses are equipped with the right technologists for this shift, including: cybersecurity engineers, UX designers for website design, e-commerce-centric developers and mobile developers (skilled in Kotlin, Java, Swift, and Objective-C) who can build and optimize B2B and B2C mobile products. These experienced technologists can assist with moving toward an increased online presence in this ever-changing landscape.

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