5 Strategies for Finding the Right Hire


As a recruiter, you know filling your pipeline with qualified tech talent is not only essential to your success, but also to the success of your organization. That’s why, on average, recruiters spend a third of their work week just on sourcing candidates.

While it’s essential to spend time looking for the right tech candidates (since hiring the right technologists can result in lower turnover and higher performance), it’s equally important to make sure your time is well spent by employing efficient sourcing strategies. After all, only you can do what you do best, and every task that takes away from those efforts is time you can’t get back.

This eBook presents five strategies for sourcing technologists that will help you become as efficient as possible with your time, setting you on the path to exceeding your tech recruiting goals, including:

Today, branding permeates the entire hiring process, including the sourcing phase. Understanding technologists’ wants and needs and aligning your values with theirs builds trust and credibility.

Sticking to the same list of sourcing channels year after year will have you playing catch-up in today’s ultra-competitive tech hiring market.

Aligning with hiring managers on necessary skills is especially important when hiring in-demand technologists, who are looking for opportunities that offer work in specific programming languages and frameworks.

Testing methods and messaging on a regular basis and leveraging what works best can increase the efficiency of your outreach and increase response rates.

When resources are constrained, employing help from a third party — whether it’s a contract or contingent recruiter (headhunter) or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) — can get you through temporary high demand.

Our goal is to help you discover new strategies and tactics that result in faster, more effective sourcing. Throughout this eBook, you’ll see mentions of Dice products and solutions. If you are looking to get a leg up on sourcing technologists, showcasing your brand as an employer or connecting with qualified tech talent, contact our team to chat about how Dice can help.