There was some fluctuation in top tech hub cities by job posting volume quarter-over-quarter. Atlanta (down 8 percent) was surpassed by Chicago (up 2 percent), and Texas was well represented by Austin (up 2 percent) and Dallas (up 15 percent), which climbed into the top five. Meanwhile, San Francisco (down 10 percent) and Washington, D.C. (down 16 percent) saw fewer job postings in Q3 than in Q2. Other major tech hubs ­­­­­— New York (up 5 percent), Seattle (up 1 percent), Los Angeles (down 5 percent) and Boston (up 11 percent) — held their ranks from Q2 to Q3.

Top 50 Tech Cities by Job Posting Volume

Quarter-over-Quarter % Change, Q2 2021 to Q3 2021

Jacksonville, Florida

Half of the tech cities in the top 50 enjoyed either stability or growth in job postings in Q3, while the other half saw decreases in tech hiring compared to Q2. Notably, Jacksonville, FL, home to FIS’s new 300,000-square-foot headquarters, topped the list with 18 percent quarter-over-quarter growth. (FIS makes the top ten list in our Employers section, too.) Detroit, MI, was not far behind with 16 percent quarter-over-quarter growth spanning a variety of industries including fintech, automotive and software.

In Texas, Dallas (up 15 percent) and Irving (up 12 percent) both experienced high growth in the third quarter with companies seeking technologists with skills that are in high demand including SQL, Java, Python, Project Management and Software Development. Houston, San Antonio and Plano also saw growth in tech job postings in Q3 further strengthening the Lone Star State’s viability as home to the next Silicon Valley.

Top 25 Tech Cities by Job Posting

Growth % from Q2 2021 to Q3 2021

Only cities in Top 50 by posting volume considered.

New York, New York

Mature tech states held their respective top five spots quarter-over-quarter, while up-and-coming tech states had double-digit growth and improved job-posting rankings. Despite a slight decrease in tech hiring in Q3, California held onto the top position, followed by Texas (up 10 percent) and New York (up four percent). Florida (down five percent) also managed to rank above Virginia (up one percent).

Massachusetts (up 19 percent) saw the greatest gains in tech hiring in Q3, ushering it closer to pre-pandemic hiring levels and into the top ten states by job postings. Check out our Tech Hub Highlight on Boston for more insight on that growth.

States by Tech Job Posting Volume

Quarter-over-Quarter % Change, Q2 2021 to Q3 2021

Nashville, Tennessee

Using tech job application data from our partner Appcast, the apply rate data* highlights the tech hubs with the highest average apply rates in the Q3.

Cities lesser-known as tech hubs debuted on the list this quarter as technologists continue to trade major tech hubs for what they hope to be greener pastures with lower cost of living. Nashville topped the list in Q3 with an apply rate of nearly 8%, followed by Boston (7.29%), Seattle (7.29%) and Washington, D.C. (7.23%) with almost identical apply rates. Charlotte (6.82%) was fifth on the list this quarter, tying with New York City.

*Apply rate is defined as the percentage of apply clicks that result in a completed application.

Top Cities by Tech Job Apply Rate

New Tech Job Postings in the Top 15 Cities –­ Last 18 Months

Atlanta, GA

Charlotte, NC

Denver, CO

New York, NY

San Francisco, CA

Austin, TX

Chicago, IL

Houston, TX

Phoenix, AZ

Seattle, WA

Boston, MA

Dallas, TX

Los Angeles, CA

San Diego, CA

Washington, DC

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