Join the Conversation

Thank you for reading the Equality in Tech Report. In many ways, this is our most important report each year, as we work together to make meaningful progress toward tech being an environment where everyone can feel welcomed, valued and safe. We encourage you to sit with the information and then join the conversation in at least one of the five ways below.

Ways you can participate

Share the report

Because this information is vitally important to every stakeholder in our industry, the report is not gated in any fashion. Please share the report with your colleagues, friends, organizational leadership and wider network as we seek to close the racial and gender discrimination gaps together.

Dig deeper

If this is your first exposure to data on gender and race equality and discrimination in tech, don’t stop here. These topics are a lifelong learning endeavor and not something you quickly become an expert in. PowerToFly and The Diversity Movement are two such organizations who are doing some truly incredible work in these areas, and there are countless resources out there to dive deeper with.

Start conversations

Whether in your personal life with friends and family or your professional network with colleagues or your HR team, start conversations around the topics and data points presented in this report. Sharing the report is a great way to introduce topics you would like to discuss.

Implement learnings

We included tips and examples throughout the report to give context to the data presented and applicable takeaways. Did one resonate with you? Work on a plan to implement it in your workplace or within your team or bring it up as an idea with your organization’s leadership.

Learn what Dice is doing

Dice is a work in progress just like everyone else. We’re making changes and acting on the data presented in this report. Take a look at what we’re doing internally and externally to work towards a more diverse, equitable, inclusive future in tech.