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Most Frequently Asked Questions by Candidates

Updated June 23, 2023

How do I setup my account?         

  • To set-up your account, first visit to register. From there you will be prompted to upload your resume, provide your career history, and applicable tech skills. Once you have set-up your profile, you are ready to start applying to jobs via searching from
               Additional information can be found under Managing Your Candidate Account.


How do I adjust my notification preferences?

  • You can adjust multiple notification methods by visiting your profile’s settings. From here you can adjust your profile’s visibility, email, and contact preferences. 
               Additional information can be found under Notifications & Preferences.


How do I apply for a job?

  • To apply for a job, ensure your profile is set-up. From there you can search for roles from the search bar on From here, open any job that suits you, read through the description, then click the APPLY button at the top right. This will prompt you to either apply immediately through Dice Easy Apply, login, or visit the company’s direct career site for a full application.
               Additional information can be found under Finding a Job.


What is Dice Match?

  • Dice Match is an intelligent automation and machine learning method to help you find the tech jobs you are most qualified for. The Dice Match technology goes beyond traditional keyword matching by leveraging machine learning, fed by job data and expertise from tech recruiters to provide you with the best match. This saves you time by finding and applying to the most relevant jobs.
                Additional information can be found under Finding a Job.


How do I update my resume?

  • Once you have logged in, and go to your profile from the top right hand corner. From here simply select “UPLOAD NEW” under the resume section on the left side.
               Additional information can be found under Finding a Job.


How do I report a concern with a recruiter/employer/job?

  • To report a recruiter reaching out to you who you do not wish to be contacted from for any reason, go to the messaging center, click the three dots next to the recruiter’s name, and select block. To report a job, simply go to the right hand side and click on the flag. Further concerns can be sent to: or use the blue FEEDBACK tab on the right side of Dice pages.
                Additional information can be found under Finding a Job.