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Candidate | AI Cover Letter Generation

Updated June 23, 2023

The  Mobile Apps team is thrilled to announce the April 20 release of Dice iOS 3.32.1, featuring our groundbreaking AI Cover Letter Generation – Project Autopen! This feature revolutionizes how tech professionals apply for jobs, and job descriptions to create tailored cover letters effortlessly.


What's new?

Our new AI Cover Letter Generation allows tech professionals to automatically generate eloquent cover letters based on their resumes and the job for which they're applying that highlights how their skills and experience fit with the job. This saves time and effort, especially for mobile users, improving application quality, and increasing their chance of securing their dream job.

What's next?

The Mobile Apps team has a long roadmap of additional features and improvements for our platform. We are building the mobile Company Profile so that users can see detailed information about the companies posting the jobs they're viewing. These profiles will help tech professionals understand company size, benefits, tech stack, locations, company culture, and more before submitting their applications or connecting with their hiring team. We are also nearing development of Connections, and later this year will deliver an enhanced Job Detail View, Match Scores, and additional Candidate Profile fields for remote and company preferences.


Download the iOS app to try for yourself today, and we’d welcome your feedback!