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Dice Connections

Updated September 11, 2023

Dice Connections fosters better relationships and communication between tech professionals like you and recruiters.

You will be able to add employers and recruiters to your Connections, allowing you to establish a trusted network of companies and recruiters you see yourself working with today and in the future.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dice Connections?

  • Dice Connections allows you to easily build a network of trusted relationships based on your current and future career goals.

How does Dice Connections work?

  • Connections is a two-way street. You can add recruiters to your network, and they can also add you to their network. Once someone is a part of your network, you can easily access them from your Network Page to start messaging, view their profile, and check out their open positions.  Your profile needs to be visible to employers to create and receive new connections.

Why should I connect with employers and recruiters?

  • It is a great way to build a trusted network of contacts that you can leverage whether you are looking for a new job right now or want to be top of mind for employers when new opportunities arise. It is important to start building your network now so that you can take advantage of additional features coming soon including real-time status updates from employers, notifications of open positions, and the ability to filter your job search by your Connections.

How do I add someone to my Dice Connections?

  • Click the “Connect” icon on a recruiter’s profile to add them to your network.  Only 1st party candidates (candidates that create a Dice profile for themselves) can initiate a Connection.

How can employers or recruiters add me to their list of Dice Connections?

  • When a recruiter or employer views your profile, they can add you and you will receive an email notification with details about your new connection.

How do I find my list of Dice Connections?

  • When logged in, you can easily access your network of employers with the "Connect” icon in the upper-right corner navigation (or within the hamburger menu on mobile web.)

Will others be able to see who is in my Dice Connections?

  • No, your list of Connections is private and only able to be seen by you.

Can I opt out or deny requests?

  • When you connect with a recruiter, it automatically establishes a connection with them, and when recruiters connect with you, they'll automatically show in your connections.  You can remove somone from your network at any time.

How do I remove someone from my Dice Connections? And will they know I have removed them?

  • You can remove any of your Connections at any time by clicking the three dots next to their name in your Connections List and select “Remove Connection.” They will not be notified if you remove them. 



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