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How do I manage and edit my saved job alerts?

Updated June 24, 2020

We'll send you relevant jobs at your preferred cadence. 

You can always adjust your job alerts to fine-tune the types of jobs you want to learn about, and set how often you want to get them.

Sign into your Dice account, click your name in the header menu, and select Alerts.

  • To see instant search results for any of your saved searches, click the title of that saved search.
  • To rename an existing alert, click Rename below the alert title; enter a new title and click Save
  • To change alert frequency for an existing alert, select Daily or Weekly.
  • To pause an alert and keep it in your list of Alerts for later, toggle it OFF.
  • To delete an alert, click Delete below the alert name.
  • To adjust the search criteria of an alert:
    • Click the title of a saved search to instantly run that search.
    • Adjust the criteria as desired
    • Then, in the section labelled Email me jobs for this search, select either to Update Job Alert, or Save as a new job alert with these settings.


Note: Remote jobs matching your search criteria now automatically appear in your job alerts, regardless of your search location. If you are not interested in remote jobs, you can exclude them from your job alerts with 3 simple steps: 

  1. Click See All Jobs 
  2. Click on the Exclude Remote filter  
  3. Click Update Job Alert 

We also recommend you also set up our new IntelliSearch personalized job alerts based on your profile. You can enable these powerful alerts from the top of the Alerts settings page.  Any updates you make to your profile will automatically improve the relevance of these job alerts.


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