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Additional Resources, Reporting and Billing Inquiries

Updated June 28, 2023

We understand that access to valuable resources, comprehensive reporting, and efficient billing processes are vital for employers in the technology industry. In this page, we will guide you through the wealth of resources available on, providing key insights into hiring trends, salary expectations, and technologists' preferences. Additionally, we will address the billing process, emphasizing the importance of security and explaining how to obtain receipts/invoices through your Account Team or Furthermore, we will explore reporting features that allow you to maximize candidate quality and gain valuable insights to optimize your hiring initiatives.    



From curated reports like the annual Dice Tech salary report, which provides key insights into hiring trends, salary expectations, and geographic variances, to the technology sentiment report that delves into what technologists value in new jobs, Dice Resources offers invaluable information for employers. Additionally, explore other reports such as Equality in tech, Employer branding, and Tech Hiring Trends, all designed to enhance your understanding of the market and optimize your hiring strategies. With a dedicated editorial team, Dice ensures that the content remains hyper-relevant, based on interviews, surveys, and feedback from technologists. Access these essential resources on your Dice employer account and stay ahead in the world of technology placement and hiring.



Learn about billing process in this concise video. For security, billing info isn't stored on your account. To get receipts/invoices, contact Account Team or Find your Account Team info on the home page. Payment is made via email link upon signing the Dice Contract, remember to request a new email if the link expires.



Maximize candidate quality reporting on with this video. Unlock usage data, track your views, and discover insights that improve your hiring initiatives. Collaborate with your Account team for maximum insight.