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What is Dice Private Email, and how do I use it?

Updated February 12, 2024

Every candidate with a Dice profile is assigned an anonymized email address to protect their personal email address. Emails between recruiters and candidates are routed seamlessly.

When you click “Email” on a candidate’s profile, you will be prompted to send an email to that candidate’s Dice Private Email address. Emails sent through Private Email will be routed to the candidate’s personal email address. 

If you use an ATS to source candidates, Dice Private Email will work the same way; when you click to email a candidate, you will see the candidate's Dice Private Email address rather than their personal email.




This specific Private Email address for this specific candidate will be the same for every sender across an entire company – so if a different sender from the same company found this candidate and decided to email them as well, they would see the same email address as the first recruiter. 

When the candidate receives an email to their Private Email address, it will be sent with a Dice wrapper.  

A screenshot of a email    Description automatically generated

The sender’s email address will also be masked by a Dice Private Email address, but the candidate can access their recruiter profile by clicking on their name towards the top of the email. The candidate can also see the sender’s job title and company. 

If this email was not relevant to the candidate, they can submit feedback from right inside the email. They can then submit specific feedback on why this email was not relevant to them, and Dice will compile it into the sender’s company’s reporting data.

In addition to feedback on email relevancy, Dice’s reporting can also inform you of the total emails sent and delivered by each sender, the candidate reply rate for each sender, and more! Reach out to your designated Client Success Partner for more information on Private Email data for your company.


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