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Boolean Cheat Sheet

Updated March 12, 2024


Select a role shown below to view suggested boolean strings to help in your search.  Note there are multiple options listed for each role.  

Copy and paste the booleans into the “KEYWORD OR BOOLEAN SEARCH” field on your Dice account.   You can also use these as a starting point and modify to your specific role.

Abinitio Business Analysts Developer Kotlin PeopleSoft React Native Social Media Workday
Administrator Cloud Digital Media Liferay Developer PHP Ruby on Rails SQL  
AI & Machine Learning C / C++ / C# Developer Front-End Software Engineer

Management / Position

PNC Guidewire Salesforce Systems Administrator  
Amazon Web Services Cyber Security Full Stack Mobile / iOS / Android Project Manager Scripting Technical Writing  
Analyst Database Administrator IT Management .Net Python Search Engine Optimization User Interface & Graphic Design  
Backend Development Database Management Java Developer Oracle Quality Assurance Analyst Security Web Developer  



Master Classes

Did you know that Dice hosts Master Class training sessions to help provide sourcing tips for hard to fill roles?    

Click here to access our recordings from past classes.   If you are interested in attending a live event, contact your Client Success Partner for our upcoming schedule!


Helpful Tips for Successful Searching

  1. (Always start off with parenthesis
  2. Add in keywords separated by AND, OR, or NOT
  3. Close out the parentheses)
  4. Do not combine functions into one parentheses.
  5. Always have AND between parentheses groups.
  6. "Quotation marks are used for phrases."  Phrases are keywords that include spaces, punctuation, or symbols.Example: "wells fargo" -or- ".net".



  • AND : Keywords that you need.
  • OR : Keywords that you would like to have.
  • NOT : Keywords that you do not want.




Full List



Ab Initio stands as a versatile business intelligence data processing system, excelling in constructing a broad spectrum of applications. From handling straightforward extract and transform load processes to orchestrating intricate data warehouses and big data systems, Ab Initio offers robust functionality. This fourth-generation batch-processing application employs a graphical user interface (GUI) for seamless Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) operations, making it a powerful tool for data manipulation and analysis.


(abinitio OR “ab initio” OR “ab-initio”) AND (SQL OR unix OR shell)

(abinitio OR “ab initio” OR “ab-initio”) AND (“Software Development Lifecycle” OR SDLC)

(abinitio OR “ab initio” OR “ab-initio”) AND (SQL OR ORACLE OR Autosys OR “Control center” OR “control centre”)

(abinitio OR “ab initio” OR “ab-initio”) AND (ETL OR design OR test OR “IT Team” OR GDE OR EME)

(abinitio OR “ab initio” OR “ab-initio”) AND (Cloudera OR Kafka OR Nifi) AND (infrastructure OR warehouse OR architecture OR “Graphical Development Environment”)




A Systems Administrator makes sure a company’s servers and networks are maintained and running smoothly. They will provide support by troubleshooting any issues and they sometimes manage the organizations IT teams. An administrator requires in depth knowledge of operating systems, knowledge of networks and hardware.


(admin OR administrator OR administration)

(app OR apps OR application)



AI & Machine Learning

AI stands for artificial intelligence. The idea behind AI is implementing scientific ideas and practices into machines with the goal of the machines to think like humans. Machine Learning is an offshoot of AI. The goal of machine learning is to create algorithms and models into computer systems in order to complete complex tasks without step-by-step instructions.


("artificial intelligence" OR "machine learning" OR ML OR AI)

("artificial intelligence" OR "machine learning" OR ML OR AI OR “deep learning") AND (infrastructure OR accessible)

("artificial intelligence" OR "machine learning" OR ML OR AI OR “deep learning") AND (Kaggle OR TensorFlow OR Pytorch OR "Tensor flow")

("artificial intelligence" OR "machine learning" OR ML OR AI OR “deep learning") AND (Kaggle OR TensorFlow OR Pytorch OR "Tensor flow" OR cuda)

("data mining" OR "machine learning" OR "big data")

("machine learning" OR "ml" OR "algorithms" OR predictive)

(“data mining” OR “text mining” OR “deep learning” OR “ai” OR “artificial intelligence”)

(AI OR "artificial intelligence") OR (ML OR "machine learning") AND (agile AND scrum)



Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. From a software developer's perspective, AWS offers a variety of services and tools that simplify and enhance the process of developing, deploying, and managing applications. AWS includes infrastructure, compute services, EC2, scalability, storage services, database services, and networking servives. 


(AWS OR “amazon web services” OR “a.w.s.”)

(AWS OR “amazon web services” OR “a.w.s.”) AND (Certified) AND (security OR cloud OR practitioner OR CLF)

(AWS OR “amazon web services” OR “a.w.s.”) AND (Certified) AND (foundational OR associate OR professional OR specialty)

(AWS OR “amazon web services” OR “a.w.s.”) AND (Digital OR Identity OR Security)

(AWS OR “amazon web services” OR “a.w.s.”) AND (cloud AND fluency)

(AWS OR “amazon web services” OR “a.w.s.”) AND (devops OR “dev ops” OR devop OR “development operations”)

(“cloud practitioner” OR “solutions architect” OR “sysops admin” OR devop OR “advanced networking” OR “Machine learning” OR SAP)




This skill can be described as working or utilizing data sets in order to form assessments based on a given set of information. Ability to make inferences and use towards predictions on actionable items. Identifying information that is aide or improve processes towards an organizational goal. 


("Systems Analysis") AND (Analyst OR analysis OR SAP)

(collet OR compile OR organize) AND ("analyze data")

("Data Analyst" OR analysis OR analyst) AND ("Web Analytics")

("Data Analyst" OR analysis OR analyst) AND (PYTHON AND SQL)



Backend Development

Back-end development means working on server-side software, which focuses on everything you can't see on a website, platform, or system. Back-end developers ensure the website performs correctly, focusing on databases, logic, application programming interface (APIs), architecture, and servers. A back-end developer is typically familiar with programming languages such as: Python, Java, .NET, Haskell, Clojure, Structured Query Language (SQL), RoR, and PHP. Think about when you’re shopping, a back-end developer for Amazon will build code that allows the Amazon database and the Amazon application to communicate with one another, so when you look up “Dog Food” the back-end developers work, makes sure all the dog food on Amazon shows up in your feed, and that a wall clock does not. 


(“Drupal Development” OR “Drupal Developer”) AND (“PHP Web Developer” OR “PHP Engineer”)

(Drupal OR “PHP Experience” OR “PHP Developer”) AND (WordPress OR “Word Press” OR Nodejs OR “node.js”)

(Drupal) AND (analyzing OR design OR designing OR develop OR PHP)

(linux OR unix) AND (redhat OR centos OR fedora)



Business Analysts

Business analysts (BAs) are responsible for bridging the gap between IT and the business using data analytics to assess processes, determine requirements, and deliver data-driven recommendations and reports to executives and stakeholders. The primary function of a BA is to use data analytics to determine changes to process, products, services, software, and hardware.


("ba" OR "business analyst" OR "business analysis")

("bi" OR "business intelligence")

("business analyst" OR "project manager" OR "project analyst")

("business analyst" OR "business analysis" OR "bus analyst”)

("business intelligence" OR bo OR "business objects" OR bsa OR "business systems analyst")




Cloud computing is a delivery model where integrated servers, applications, and data are provided as services over the internet. It involves using remote servers on the internet for data storage and processing, eliminating the need for local servers or personal computers. This on-demand availability of computing resources, including data storage and processing power, doesn't require direct user management and often involves distributed functions across multiple locations acting as data centers.


(microstrategy OR profiler OR "data hygiene" OR etl OR computations OR aggregations OR index OR deploy OR test)

(Voip OR Citrix OR AIX OR Linux)

(“TCP/IP” OR "Active Directory")



C / C++ / C# Developer

C is a structural or procedural programming language that is used for system applications and low-level programming applications.



C++, pronounced “C-plus-plus” is a generic programming language for building software. It's an object-oriented language. In other words, it emphasizes using data fields with unique attributes (a.k.a. objects) rather than logic or functions. A common example of an object is a user account on a website.

("C++" OR "oracle” or "ORACLE DEVELOPER")

C# is a high-level programming language pronounced “C Sharp”. C# lets developers build many types of secure applications that run in .NET. It can be used to create different programs and applications such as mobile apps all the way to websites.

("C#" OR ".NET" OR ".net developer” or ".net engineer")



Cyber Security

There is a lot of digital fraud and attacks in our world today. The idea behind this type of fraud is for sensitive information to be accessed, many times involving the desire to retrieve private information for monetary gains. Cybersecurity is a process of making sure that networks, systems, and programs are being protected from nefarious behavior. A successful cybersecurity has multiple tiers of protection against digital attackers.


(Cybersecurity OR "Cyber Security" OR “Cyber-Security”) OR ("Threat Identification" OR Threats OR “Threat Monitoring”)

(“Security Engineer” OR “Network Security”) OR (CyberArk OR “cyber ark”) OR (“Threat Monitoring” OR “threat identification”) OR (“network analyst” OR “network engineer” OR “.net developer”)

(“network engineer” OR “.net developer” OR “.net engineer” OR “network developer”) OR (Cisco) OR (“network security”)

(“Computer Security”) AND (firewalls OR VPN) OR (security OR “security network”)

("Security Admin" OR "Security Administrator" OR "Cybersecurity" OR "Cyber Security" OR "Cyber-Security") AND ("Top Secret Clearance" OR "Secret Clearance")

("Security Network" OR "Computer Security") AND ("Cybersecurity" OR "Cyber-Security" OR "Cyber Security") OR ("Data Loss Protection" OR "Malware" OR "Security Compliance")

("Cyber-Security" OR "Cybersecurity" OR "Cyber Security") AND ("Rails" OR "Ruby on Rails") OR ("Bootstrap" OR "Boot Strap") OR ("Flask")

("Cyber-Security" OR "Cybersecurity" OR "Cyber Security") AND ("Spring" OR "Spring Framework" OR "Framework" OR “frame work”) OR ("Angular" OR "Angular JS" OR "AngularJS" OR “angular.js”) OR ("Django" OR "Django Framework")



Database Administrator

A database administrator takes the lead on designing, developing, installing, and maintaining a database system within a company. That can include setting up the IT infrastructure all the way to establishing policies relating to the management and security of the database management system.


("database administration" OR "database administrator" OR "DB Admin" OR DBA) AND (SQL OR "SQL Server")

("dba" OR "database administrator" OR "linux administrator") AND linux AND apache AND (redhat OR fedora OR centos)

(dba OR "data analyst" OR "database administrator" OR "qa" OR "quality assurance" OR "quality analyst")

("dba" OR "data analyst" OR "database administrator") AND ("sql server")



Database Management

Database Management (DBM) is the process of collecting, storing, organizing, maintaining and analyzing data. Users can access and interact with the data in the database ranging from query's to defining database schemas.


(VS OR “v.s.” OR "Visual Studio")

(VB OR "Visual Basic" OR “” OR "object oriented" OR “object-oriented”)

(warehouse OR warehousing OR san OR nas OR storage)


(RDBMS OR oracle OR "SQL Server" OR Teradata OR Netezza OR DB2)

(BI OR "business intelligence" OR "data warehousing")

("ms certified" OR "ms certification" OR "microsoft certified" OR "microsoft certification")

("ms project" OR "c#" OR "sql server" OR "" OR java)

(unix OR linux) AND ("app development" OR arch OR design OR develop OR hadoop OR python OR rails OR php OR websphere OR tomcat)

("big data" OR spring OR hibernate OR eclipse OR log4j) AND (ant OR maven OR ooad OR uml OR mvc OR jsf OR velocity OR struts)

(php OR sql OR lamp OR linux OR apache OR javascript) AND (jquery OR memcache OR

"apc cache" OR nosql OR "no sql" OR "no-sql" OR analytical OR analysis)

(shell) AND (postgre OR “post gre” OR SQL)

(OBIEE OR "oracle Business Intelligence")

("DW" OR "data warehouse" OR "data warehousing") AND (IBOTS OR DAC OR RPD OR SME OR


("transact-sql" OR "t-sql" OR tsql)

("stored procedures" OR ssis OR ssas OR ssrs OR test OR analy OR "data conversion" OR queries OR query OR "data mining" OR excel OR pivot OR vlookup OR "v-lookup" OR chart OR graph OR "ms office" OR audit)




A software developer is a professional who designs, codes, tests, and maintains software applications. Developers can specialize in various areas, such as web development, mobile app development, or back-end systems. They focus on translating project requirements into functional and efficient code. "Software Developer" and "Software Engineer" can often be used interchangeably. Both roles involve writing code and are generally responsible for the implementation and maintenance of software applications. More seniored levels of being a software developer include: Senior Software Engineer, Lead Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, Director, VP, and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).


("developer" OR engineer OR architect OR programmer OR programming)

(ecommerce OR "e commerce" OR "online retail" OR sem OR "search engine marketing")

(LAMP) AND (linux OR apache OR mysql OR perl OR php OR python)

(linux OR unxi OR centos OR redhat OR ubuntu)

("web developer" OR developer OR programmer OR engineer OR "web master" OR webmaster)

(programmer OR developer OR engineer) AND python AND (mysql OR "my sql" OR "my-sql" OR postgresql) AND (django OR flask OR pyramid OR bottle) AND (virtualenv OR chef OR puppet OR sentry OR raven OR "project management" OR "project manager" OR implement OR deploy OR design)

("lvs" OR perl OR python OR ruby OR bash OR firewall)



Digital Media

Digital media encompasses the creation of audio, video, websites, and applications using internet technology and electronic devices. Examples include social networking platforms, web pages, mobile apps, and video animations for marketing and entertainment. Digital media specialists use web analytics and marketing tools to enhance visibility and search ranking, managing teams to execute strategic campaigns across platforms.


("Web and Digital Content Strategist" OR "Digital Content Manager" OR "Web Strategist") AND ("website management" OR "content development" OR "digital content")

("digital platforms" OR "online presence" OR "content strategy" OR "social media" OR "SEO" OR "search engine optimization")

("Digital Media" OR "Digital Marketing" OR "Content Management" OR "content management systems" OR "content strategy" OR "content promotion")

("marketing skills" OR "SEO" OR "SEM" OR "Adobe Creative Cloud" OR "HTML" OR "social advertising" OR "digital strategy" OR "research")



Front-End Software Engineer

A front-end engineer works on the part of the software that users and clients see. “Front-end” refers to the user-facing side of an application, which means they're focused on things like functionality, layout, speed, and user experience. In web-cases, you typically use languages such as: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


(“Front End Software Engineer” OR “Software Engineering”) AND (QA OR “data sciences” OR editing OR onboarding OR “on boarding” OR “social services”)

(Javascript OR “java Script” OR CSSS OR “web development”)

(HTML OR CSS OR Typescript OR “type script” OR “Java script” OR javascript)

("c" OR "c++") AND (perl OR "php")

("Java Server Pages" OR JSP OR Java OR "Active Server Pages" OR ASP OR "Google Web Toolkit" OR XML OR oracle OR IIS)



Full Stack

A full-stack developer is a developer or engineer who can build both the front end and the back end of a website. The front end (the parts of a website a user sees and interacts with) and the back end (the behind-the-scenes data storage and processing) require different skill sets. Examples of front end software: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Examples of back end software: Django, Java, Python, Node.js, and PHP.


("Full Stack" AND Agile AND Scrum AND Linux)

("Full Stack" AND "Java Spring" AND JAVA AND J2EE)

("Full Stack" OR JavaScript OR "SQL Server" OR "C#" OR ".NET")



IT Management

IT management is the essential practice that businesses and organizations employ to oversee and optimize computer-based operations, including hardware, software, networks, and data. Whether utilizing traditional or cloud systems, it plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth functionality, enhancing productivity, and safeguarding sensitive data. IT is from managing office laptops to deploying company-wide-security updates.


(drupal) AND ("google analytics") AND ("seo" OR websites OR microsites OR "landing pages" OR "cms" OR "crm" OR "relational database" OR "api" OR "ui" OR "ux" OR "social media" OR paradot OR requirements)

(Windows OR Exchange OR Cisco OR switch OR rout OR IIS)

(Telecommunications OR Telecom) AND (network OR networking) AND (IP OR telephony OR PBX OR voicemail OR “voice mail”)

(helpdesk OR support OR technician OR "help desk" OR "service desk" OR Zendesk OR “zen desk”)

("power shell" OR scripts OR scripting) AND (routers OR routing OR switches OR switching OR bridges OR "Network Administrator")

("SharePoint Designer" OR "SharePoint Developer" OR “Share point”)



Java Developer

A Java developer is a software professional who specializes in using the Java programming language to design, develop, test, and deploy various types of applications. Java developers work across a broad spectrum of domains, including web development, mobile app development, enterprise applications, and more. Their responsibilities include writing code, debugging, testing, and collaborating with other team members to create robust and scalable software solutions. Key aspects include: platform independence, object-oriented code, syntax, and memory management. 


(enterprise AND "java" AND "javascript" AND html AND "php" AND "rest")

(java OR j2ee) AND SQL AND ("object oriented" OR “object-oriented” OR Linux OR Hibernate OR Jidesoft)

(java OR j2ee OR jsp OR servlet OR ejb OR jms)

("sql server" OR "transactsql" OR "t-sql" OR tsql)

(ruby OR java OR javascript OR sql OR plsql OR pl-sql OR pl/sql OR selenium)

(MicroStrategy OR "Business Objects" OR OBIEE OR Cognos) AND (Informatica OR "Ab Initio" OR SSIS OR Websphere OR "SQL Server Integration Services")




Primarily used for Android mobile app development, Kotlin is also a resource for server-side development. While designed to work alongside Java, Kotlin is a programming language that has replaced Java in many software tasks. The reason why Kotlin has been preferred over Java in recent years is due to the idea that developers can write more expressive and safer codes in a more simplistic fashion. Some projects that can implement Kotlin range from Full-Stack Developers to Data Scientists.


(Java OR Kotlin) AND (Android OR Mobile OR iOS OR SWIFT)

(Jetpack OR “jet pack” OR SOA OR REST OR GraphQL OR Microservices OR NoSQL)



Liferay Developer

Liferay Developer-Liferay (DXP) is an open-source platform that provides tools and features for building and managing enterprise portals, content management systems, and collaboration platforms.


(liferay OR “life ray”) AND (“IT-Services” or “Computer Science”)

(liferay OR “life ray”) AND (J2EE OR java)

(liferay OR “life ray”) AND (framework OR SSO OR “single sign on” OR DXP)



Management / Position

Also known as the Lead Programmer. Provides technical guidance to development team. Technical outlook on processes and measures in collaboration with other departments. This may include software architect, coding applications, and leading a team to meet deadlines and project completions.


(cto OR "chief technical officer" OR "cio" OR "chief information officer" OR vp OR "vice president" OR svp OR "senior vice president")

(architect OR develop OR program OR engineer)



Mobile / iOS / Android

Mobile developers work on smart-phone based apps, projects, and systems.
iOS developers build, test, and fine-tune applications powered by Apple’s operating system. Typically, iOS app development is done in one of two programming languages: Swift or Objective-C. 
An Android developer is responsible for developing applications for devices powered by the Android operating system. They typically use Kotlin or Java for their programming languages. 


(mobile OR Android OR droid OR iphone OR ios OR blackberry)

(network OR system OR os OR nos OR "operating systems")

(ios OR iphone OR ipad OR Android) AND (SDK OR SDKs) AND (Java OR objective-c OR "objective c" OR C++)




.NET uses Microsoft framework to design and maintain software and applications. They collaborate with computer scientists, other web developers and clients to create a user-friendly, scalable application. .NET developers should have skills of creating highly creative, catchy and interactive web applications. This increases his value in the market. In order to achieve that, understanding of client side technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap is a necessity.


(“.Net” OR “network developer” OR “network engineer”)

(“.net” OR “”)

(“Network Engineer” OR “Network Operations” OR “Network Operations Center”) AND (Linux OR debugging OR “de-bugging”)

(network) AND (operations OR center OR engineer) AND (Linux OR debugging OR “de-bugging)

(“Network Engineering” OR “Operations Engineer” OR “.net”)

Server AND (AD OR "Active Directory") AND Exchange AND DNS AND (Linux OR Unix OR Centos OR RedHat) AND (Lan OR WAN) AND (VOIP OR SIP)




The Oracle Cloud Platform includes Data Management, Application Development, Integration, Content and Experience, Business Analytics, Management and Security. Oracle is a platform with many different software applications including NoSQL Database, Multitenant, Real Application Clusters, Partitioning, Advanced Compression, OLAP, Machine Learning, Spatial and Graph, Database Lifecycle Management Pack, and Enterprise Manager Control.


(oracle or bi OR java OR apex OR debugging OR SQL OR lifecycle OR “life cycle” OR “PL/SQL” OR unix OR kernel)

(oracle) AND (EBS OR R12)

(Oracle) AND (report OR analytic) AND (ERP OR Cloud OR OTBI)

(Oracle) AND (SQL OR uat OR code OR otbi)

(Oracle) AND (senior OR lead)

(Oracle) AND (DBA or “Database Admin” OR RAC OR production OR install OR patch OR backup OR SQL)

(Oracle) AND (OIPA OR insurance OR policy) AND (Palette OR OIRP OR annuity OR policy OR lifecycle OR “life cycle”)

(Oracle) AND (transportation OR management OR “help desk” OR customize OR customization OR OTM)

(Oracle) AND (HCM OR HR OR module OR “cloud core” OR GPS OR “government and public services”)

(Oracle) AND (PL OR SQL OR jira OR java OR micro OR “web logic” OR weblogic OR cloud)




PeopleSoft is a company, owned by Oracle, providing suites of software related to human resource management systems (HRMS). This includes accounting programs, timekeeping, and business enterprise management.


(Peoplecode OR “people code” OR peoplesoft OR "people soft" OR peopletools OR “people tools”)

(Peoplecode OR “people code” OR peoplesoft OR "people soft”)

(Waterfall OR Agile OR Scrum OR DevOps OR "Dev ops" OR "Extreme Programming" OR XP)

(HRMS OR “Human Resources Management System”)

(timekeeping OR “time keeping”)




Hypertext Preprocessor– Is programming language used to script websites that are dynamic and interactive. PHP reduces the cost of creating apps and websites due to being an open source. A PHP developer is responsible for writing server-side web application logic. They develop back-end components and develops and integrate plugins for other frameworks. There is a large international community behind it, so the language is constantly upgraded.


(SQL OR MySQL OR PHP) AND (“version control” OR unix)


(Redis AND Docker AND AWS AND Swagger OR “REST APIs”)



PNC Guidewire

P+C Guidewire is a software suite designed specifically for Property and Casualty Insurance sectors. This software supports the entire insurance lifecycle with a policy center, billing center, and claim center. As well as provides predictive analytics, risk insights and business intelligence.


("Property and Casualty" OR "P&C" OR “P & C” OR PNC)

("Property and Casualty" OR "P&C" OR “P & C” OR PNC) AND (Guidewire OR "Guidewire PolicyCenter" OR "Guidewire ClaimCenter")

("Property and Casualty" OR "P&C" OR “P & C” OR PNC) AND (Guidewire OR “guide wire” OR PolicyCenter OR “policy center” OR “claim center” OR claimcenter) AND ("Insurance" OR "Insurtech")



Project Manager

Unlike a regular project manager, a technology project manager brings a technical background to the table. A common background for a technology project manager would include a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or a related field. It’s common for a project manager to prioritize technology-related projects, provide efficient and prompt reporting, as well as facilitate testing. Project managers are more likely to coach and oversee projects than they are to complete manual tasks.


("project manager" OR "project management" OR PMP)

("program manager" OR "project manager" OR "it manager" OR "information technology manager")

("project manager" OR "project management" OR PMP)

("data warehouse" OR financial OR analysis OR analytics OR mappings OR "product roadmap")

("sso" OR video OR integration OR deploy OR implement OR prototyp OR "project manager" OR "project management")

("account manager" OR "project manager" OR "program manager") AND (“sql server" OR "data warehousing")

"Information Security" AND ("Project Manager" OR "Project Management" OR Leadership OR Manager OR PMP) AND (forensic OR “Security+” OR CISSP OR "security Standards" OR "Certified Information Systems Security Professional" OR "Advanced Persistent Threats" OR "asset protection")

("mvc" OR "big data" OR scope OR deliverables OR timelines OR budget OR "use case" OR design OR deploy OR supervise OR manage)



Python is commonly used for developing websites and software, task automation, data analysis, and data visualization. Since it's relatively easy to learn, Python has been adopted by many non-programmers such as accountants and scientists, for a variety of everyday tasks, like organizing finances.


(python) AND (“machine learning” OR ML OR “artificial intelligence”) AND (“data analytics” OR “data analysis” OR “data science” OR “data scientist”)

Python AND (viz OR “visualization libraries” OR “visualization library” OR Spotfire OR "Power BI")

(Python) AND (HTML OR “Hyper Text Markup Language”) AND (CSS OR “Cascading Style Sheets”) AND (javascript OR “java script” OR “.js”)

(Python OR Django OR Flask OR "Unit Test" OR "Advance Python Libraries" OR "ORM Libraries") AND Java AND GoLang



Quality Assurance Analyst

A Quality Assurance Analyst is an individual who conducts testing on software, websites, and any other technical products to identify and resolve bugs, defects, and other potential issues.


("quality assurance" OR "quality analyst" OR "automation tester")

("Quality Assurance" OR QA OR SQA) AND ("test cases" OR Automated OR scripting)



React Native

React Native is an open-source framework developed by Meta/Facebook that allows developers to build mobile applications using JavaScript and React. The primary goal of React Native is to enable the development of cross-platform mobile apps, meaning you can write code once and run it on both iOS and Android platforms. 


("React Native" OR "React-Native") AND (JavaScript OR “.js”)

("React Native" OR "React-Native") AND ("React.js" OR REST)

("React Native" OR "React-Native") AND ("Android developer" OR "iOS developer" OR "mobile development" OR android)



Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open-source full-stack framework software specifically to build different web applications. Ruby on Rails has two parts: Ruby- The general-purpose programming language that's super versatile. Rails – Frameworks for creating websites, apps, and systems. This is a popular choice due to its easy-to-read language and simplicity. 


("Ruby on Rails" OR Rails OR "Ruby developer")

("Ruby on Rails" OR "Rails" OR "Ruby programmer")

("Ruby on Rails" OR Rails OR "RoR developer") AND ("web application developer" OR "web developer")




Salesforce helps businesses keep track of customer interactions and sales data. It can manage leads, contacts, opportunities, and cases. Salesforce also offers several features to automate sales and marketing processes, such as email marketing, lead capture, and lead scoring. Salesforce Developers will typically use two programming languages: Apex and Javascript. The responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer can range from typical code-based tasks, through to work that requires architectural concerns (understanding the wider context of what their code is for).


(salesforce OR “sales force”) AND (Administrator or Admin OR service OR cloud)

(salesforce OR “sales force”) AND (custom OR objects OR query)

(salesforce OR “sales force”) AND (engineer) AND (apex OR visualforce OR “visual force” OR lightning OR java)

(salesforce OR “sales force”) AND (trailhead OR “trail head” OR lightning)

(salesforce OR “sales force”) AND (scope OR budget OR PMO OR management)

(salesforce OR “sales force”) AND (SSJS OR SQL OR API OR “Node.JS”)

(salesforce OR “sales force”) AND (scrum OR pipeline OR sdlc)

(salesforce OR “sales force”) AND (consult OR partner OR lead OR manage OR deliver)




Refers to programming languages that allow the possibility to manipulate, customize, and automate the function aspects of an existing system. Interpreted at runtime rather than compiled. Scripting languages are designed for specific runtime environments to provide additional functions, integrate complex systems, and communicate with other programming languages.


(Python OR Perl OR Bash) AND (object OR oriented OR)

(IMDB OR Shell OR Linux OR GNU)



Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of improving one’s website to enhance its visibility (i.e., Google, Microsoft, Bing, etc.) or other search engines whenever people search for products an entity sells, services they provide, & information on topics in which they have expertise or experience.


(SEO OR “Search Engine Optimization”)

(“Google Sitemaps” OR sitemaps OR “XML sitemaps”)

(“Google Console” OR “Search Console”)

(meta OR "meta tag") AND ('Internet Marketing" OR marketing)




Prevents unauthorized access to organizations computers, networks, and data. They protect sensitive info and block hackers. Key parts of security and software development includes security frameworks, clearance levels, and related programming languages (C, C++, Python, Java, Go, Golang, Javascript, and Node.js.


("AD" OR "Active Directory") AND DHCP AND DNS AND (network OR networking) AND (switches OR switching OR routers OR routing) AND (firewalls OR security)

(risk OR clearance OR security OR “top secret”)



Social Media

To build a Social Media Platform/App an individual needs a mix of Frontend and Backend Skills and be able to design and maintain the platform. It is beneficial to have knowledge of databases, API Development, and cloud services. Skills differ based on if you are creating a website or App.


(HTML AND CSS AND javascript) AND (java OR python OR PHP OR “Hypertext Preprocessor” OR Node.js OR “Ruby on Rails” OR RoR or RUBY) AND (UI OR UX) AND (REACT OR ANGULAR) AND (mysql OR MONGODB) AND (API OR “Application Programming Interface”) AND (AWS OR “amazon web services” OR azure)

(Java OR Kotlin OR python) AND “C#” AND (UI OR UX) AND (Android OR Mobile OR iOS OR SWIFT) AND (mysql OR MONGODB) 

(META or Facebook OR snapchat OR Instagram OR twitter OR youtube OR pinterest OR reddit OR whatsapp OR wechat OR twitch OR Douyin OR tiktok OR myspace)

(“C#”) AND (Java OR PYTHON OR “C++”) AND (SWIFT OR iOS) AND (“React Native” OR react)




SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is used to communicate with a database. Things to be communicated would be to complete tasks such as updating a database or retrieving information from a database. SQL is a database language that also helps to store information. You can find SQL within databases across multiple career fields. Common ones include finance, marketing, and Healthcare.


(MySQL OR Subversion OR SVN)

(sql OR agile OR scrum OR rest OR soap OR java)

("sql server" OR "data warehousing" OR perl)

(PostgreSQL OR "Pervasive SQL" OR Intranet OR Linux OR Apache OR Javascript OR HTML OR CSS)



Systems Administrator

A System Administrator is someone responsible for the updates, configuration, and reliable operation of the computer systems. Available for customer and client support, troubleshooting, and computer maintenance. This role is responsible for systems and ensuring all are up-to-date and reliable for companies and organizations to use. This role will also require continued upkeep on updating, and trouble shooting system software's. 


("systems administrator" OR "systems administration" OR "email systems administrator") AND ("email delivery systems" OR powermta OR port25 OR "message systems" OR strongmail OR qmail OR sendmail OR ironport OR postfix)

("Systems Administrator" OR "System Administrator" OR "Systems Administration" OR "System Administration")

("database administration" OR "database administrator" OR "DB Admin" OR DBA) AND (SQL OR "SQL Server")

(network OR networking OR system OR systems OR "operating systems" OR "information systems")

(“Wireless technology”) AND (scaling OR “systems administration” OR “systems administrator” OR “technical analysis”)

("Systems Engineer" OR “Systems developer”)

("dba" OR "database administrator" OR "database administration" OR "system administrator" OR "system administration" OR "sysadmin") AND linux AND (mysql OR "my sql" OR "my-sql") AND ("ksh" OR bash OR perl OR python) AND (nosql OR "no sql" OR "no-sql" OR mongo OR "disaster recovery" OR "meta data analysis" OR "data modeling" OR troubleshooting OR reporting OR backup)



Technical Writing

Is a format of writing that is used to translate information about a certain topic with step-by-step instructions. This is mainly used for instructions or user manuals, software installation guides, etc. It is writing that will help the intended readers complete a task/project and become familiar with a product.


("technical writer" OR "content writer") AND ("user manual" OR "manual" OR "documentation" OR "user documentation" OR presentation) AND ("microsoft office" OR HTML OR Javascript OR CSS OR Python)

("content writer" OR "technical writer") AND ("user guides" OR "user manual" OR guide) AND ("user experience" OR UX OR presentations OR documentation) AND (HTML AND Javascript)

("technical writing" OR "content writer") AND (manual OR documentation OR "user documentation" OR presentation OR “user guides” OR "user manual" OR guide) AND (HTML AND Javascript AND Python)

("technical writer" OR "content writer") AND ("user manual" OR manual OR documentation OR "user documentation" OR presentation) AND (HTML AND Javascript)



User Interface & Graphic Design

Refers to the design of User Interfaces for machines and software. Emphasis is made towards usability and user experience. In graphic design, the focus is placed on visual elements. UX designers focus on the interaction specifically between the user and the product. 


(ui OR “user-interface” OR "user interface" OR “u.i.”)

(ux OR “user-experience” OR "user experience" OR “u.x.”)

(optimization OR "web services" OR UX OR user-experience OR "user experience" OR "Mobile Applications" OR "Mobile Developer")

(html AND javascript AND css AND (photoshop OR illustrator OR adobe) AND (flash OR actionscript OR macromedia)

("User Experience" OR User-Experience OR UX OR "Human-Computer Interaction" OR “u.x.” OR “u.i.” OR "Human Computer Interaction" OR HCI)

(jQuery OR user-centered OR "graphic design" OR "visual design")



Web Developer

A Web Developer builds, designs, and maintains all website and software application content. They create the code to make a website work, and typically need to know both front and back-end coding software’s such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Having knowledge of SEO, UX and UI designs is also helpful.


(Development OR analytics OR “database infrastructure” OR “web development”) AND (“UI/UX” OR REST OR “HTML 5” OR Python)

("Web Developer" OR "Web Design" OR xml OR jquery OR ajax)

(ASP OR “”)

("mta" OR "dns" OR "ptr" OR "mx records" OR "smtp protocols" OR "dkim" OR "spf" OR "dmarc" OR "fbl" OR "feedback loop")

(html OR xml OR css OR Oracle)

(html OR css OR xsl OR xslt OR javascript OR jquery OR ajax)

(Angular OR GraphQL OR Grunt)

(tomcat OR mysql OR "my sql" OR "my-sql" OR postgre OR zimbra OR "ssh" OR "nfs" OR "bind" OR djbdns OR qmail OR openldap OR openssl)




Workday is a human resources (HR) and financial management system built for large businesses to use in the cloud. It's a one-stop-shop for managing a company's workforce, including payroll, timesheets, benefits, and more. Workday is a full suite HRIS (Human Resource Information System) that can serve as a one-stop-shop for companies, covering everything from payroll, benefits and HR to recruiting, onboarding, performance and learning.


(workday OR “work day”) AND (finance OR accounting OR “business administration”)

(workday OR “work day”) AND (ERP OR EPM OR finance OR budget OR accounting)

(workday OR “work day”) AND (financial OR GL OR AP OR procurement OR matrix OR composite OR security)